In this monthly release, we share important news about our project with you. And with each month, the news keep getting better! Last month, we told you about an update to the blockchain network, testing of our first cryptomats in Lviv and the PLATINCOIN birthday. In today’s news release you will find out:

— how many PLC you need to buy a new Kia Sorento at a car dealership;

—- what was memorable at our event for Indian leaders in Dubai;

— where you can find our newest ATM cryptomat.

First automobile sold for PLATINCOIN

There were a lot of firsts at the World Convention in Prague – the first cup of coffee in our vending machine, a presentation of new products, distribution of PLC Secure Boxes, dozens of products from our merchants. Cologne based car dealership Autozentrum Matthes was one of these merchants – they sold automobiles to partners for PLATINCOIN.

Autozentrum Matthes offered guests at the World Convention the opportunity to make a test purchase of any automobile using coins.

Our Purple Diamond partner Lidiya Semenova took the opportunity to make a test purchase. She chose a Kia Sorento for 7500 PLC. The entire transaction was over in a matter of minutes – only a smartphone with an installed PLC Wallet was needed! You can take a look at the entire process on our YouTube channel.

PLATINCOIN news: first automobile sale for PLC, launch of ATM cryptomats, leadership meeting in Dubai

On August 26, top PLATINCOIN leaders assembled in Dubai. The event attracted guests who had been unable to attend the PLATINCOIN World Convention in Prague – our team made an effort to recreate the atmosphere from the most momentous event in the history of our company. Participants received their long awaited boxes, learned firsthand about the plans for PLATINCOIN and got energized at a coaching session with Alex Reinhardt. You can find out more details about this event on our blog

PLATINCOIN news: first automobile sale for PLC, launch of ATM cryptomats, leadership meeting in Dubai

ATM cryptomats are successfully tested!

After several months, we have successfully completed testing of ATM cryptomats in Lviv! PLATINCOIN leaders from all around the globe assembled in Lviv to assess the new device – they managed to successfully withdraw fiat money from the cryptomat in exchange for PLC. The transaction was completed with only a smartphone with a PLC Wallet! You can check it out on our YouTube channel.

Where will we install the next ATM cryptomat?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions. We have the following plans:

— we are currently launching cryptomats in Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Odessa, Nikolaev, Kiev and Khmelnytskyi;

— we are getting ready to launch devices in Kazakhstan, Poland and Armenia;

— negotiations are in progress in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, England, France, Slovenia and Estonia.

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