Our development team has completed yet another large-scale release, which includes more than ten system updates. As a result, all the crucial system elements will be improved: the partnership module, apps, Platin Passport, payments. In this article, we offer a detailed overview of each update.

Expanded product payment options

There are several updates in this section. First, we added the option of paying with two stablecoins: USDT (Tether) and USDC.

Tether (USDT) and USDC are popular cryptocurrency tokens, with values pegged to the dollar exchange rate. Because they are pegged to the dollar exchange rate, these tokens lack the volatility associated with most cryptocurrencies, while still offering the main advantages of cryptocurrencies as a payment method – high speed of funds transfer and complete privacy of transactions.

From now on, users will also be able to pay for products with both their Pending and Available balances. We are also pleased to announce that payments in PLC will once again be included in the turnover (excluding payments from the Pending balance)

Platin Passport improvements

In April 2021, we launched Platin Passport, a service that brings together all user information in one location, including data for two-factor authentication, verification, and so on. Platin Passport's mission is to become a single entry point for all products in the PLATINCOIN ecosystem, Platin Hero, PlatinDeal, etc.

After the release, we made two improvements in Platin Passport: first, we added a central PLATINCOIN section to the first page, and secondly, the sponsor's name is now displayed during registration. By clicking on the link to Platin Passport, users will see who invited them to join PLATINCOIN.

Smart contract launched on PlatinDeal

The launch of the smart contract on PlatinDeal is one of the most powerful improvements in our latest release. Now we can say with confidence that we have revolutionized the crypto payments market, because after this release, PlatinDeal users can receive goods from the entire selection of the marketplace absolutely free of charge!

Let's see how it works. For example, let’s say you found a fitness watch worth 20 PLC on the marketplace. You can get it absolutely free by freezing the required amount of coins on your wallet for 12 months. You can calculate this amount using a simple formula: product price in PLC x 5. Once frozen, the coins are stored in your wallet, 20% from this amount is generated by a smart contract and credited to the seller's account, and you can immediately receive the selected product! At the same time, you get additional income - 10% in PLC from the frozen amount! This is a revolutionary breakthrough! 

In order to implement this smart contract, we have upgraded the PLC Wallet mobile applications for iOS and Android - simply update them in the App Store or on Google Play and go shopping on PlatinDeal! If you have activated the auto-update feature, the applications will update automatically.

Updates in the network module

We’ve already told you that we have updated our network marketing. Now it has become even more profitable: partners will receive 66% of the company's total income, and the maximum rank bonus awarded for reaching the new Triple Diamond rank will be 10,000,000 euros! You can read more about the improvements and changes in the network module at this link. Now we want to inform you that we have successfully completed the update of the network module and everything is ready for you to earn even more!

We have also updated the "My Team" section: now, next to the names of the members of your structure, their Telegram contact information will also be displayed. We have implemented this update, as Telegram is one of the safest and most convenient messengers available today.

Extension of the First Purchase Bonus

From now on, the first purchase bonus will last a week instead of three days. This means that when buying any product, users will receive from 2 to 220 PLCs within seven days, depending on the price of the product. Don’t forget to tell newcomers about this promotion!

All of these improvements are aimed at making PLATINCOIN products even more convenient and profitable in your work! We are confident that you will appreciate each of these updates!

This update is just the beginning of a grand update of our system. We will continue to update and improve our products: in our upcoming releases, you will find not only larger-scale improvements, but also exciting new products!


The time is now!