2018 was a truly stellar year for PLATINCOIN – the Company joined several exchanges, got listed on Coinmarketcap, the largest analytical portal, and released a number of new products: PLC MINTING UNITS and PLC Secure Box.
We are proud that all the goals set for 2018 have been achieved. Today we are pleased to present you PLATINCOIN’s updated roadmap for 2019.


Q4 2018

Minting Unit on blockchain

In December, the upgrade of the PLATINCOIN blockchain was completed with the minting packages eventually transferred to their own blockchain.
Our developers replaced and updated all the nodes. Blockchain upgrade is a major stage in PLC history. You can read more about the changes in the PLATINCOIN network on our blog.

Opening the 5-star rank for partners

Now our partners will again be able to get the ‘5 stars’ status after fulfilling all the conditions. This will allow them to earn more and receive commissions from all 11 lines.

Q1 2019

PLC Secure Box launch

On 15 December PLC SECURE BOX was presented at the meeting with top leaders in Berlin. The participants were the first ones to get the boxes and test run the new product.


PLC Secure Box developed by PLATINCOIN engineers is a unique product which has no peers in the market. We have written this article for those of you who are interested in what’s inside the device.

Booster bonus and dynamic compression

Many of our partners have been looking forward to the launch of the dynamic compression and booster bonus. Implementation of these innovations involved a lot of technical groundwork. That’s why we haven’t announced them earlier. The booster bonus rules are finally approved: when a first-line partner reaches a turnover of €5,000, he will be awarded a 10% bonus. The bonus is payable every month provided the €5,000 turnover is achieved.

PLC acceptance points

We are now actively working to increase the number of PLC acceptance points. We will shortly present you a detailed map featuring all the places where you can pay in PLC.

PLC World Pools

Part of PLATINCOIN turnover will be allocated among 4 pools. Any partner will have a chance to become a pool member after fulfilling certain conditions. The entire balance of the pool will be distributed among its participants on a monthly basis, so everyone will have a chance to win the jackpot!

PLC Secure Box: the first boxes delivery

The first mass-scale batch of boxes will be delivered to PLC partners.

Marketplace beta launch

Another long-awaited novelty is the PLATINCOIN marketplace. The products on this site will be sold with a small commission to make your active work with PLATINCOIN even more profitable. Unlike Alibaba that keeps the entire commission, we will distribute it among the team leaders. We will give you detailed information on the terms of commission distribution on the eve of the beta launch.

The platform will offer 3 categories of goods: physical and digital goods as well as coupons. The marketplace features one more exciting functionality: an opportunity to sell products via your referral link. You’ll be able to place any sell ads on your pages in social networks. When a customer buys the product via your link, you will get a sale bonus to your account.

The PLC event in Prague on 18 May and the new product line

On 18 May Prague (Czechia) will host PLATINCOIN grand event. An estimated 3,000 guests will watch a presentation of PLATINCOIN updated product line.
Developing our products, we seek to create the most comfortable conditions for fast closing of the ranks and accelerating team growth.
The event will feature the global launch of new PLC products: the Marketplace, ELVN cryptomessenger and others.

Q2 2019

Marketplace launch and social network beta launch

You will see an updated version of the PLATINCOIN social network.
With the advent of the cryptomessenger, the idea of the social network has transformed into something bigger, and all members of our community will now have the opportunity to appreciate and use its benefits.