Dear partners!

On April 15 we redesigned our network marketing commissions and launched new bonuses. Now you get 43% through 6 levels! According to the new rules, the Team Bonus for the 2nd line will be 7%, for the 3rd to the 6th lines – 4%. A new super powerful Infinity Bonus, Turbo Bonus and Fast Start Bonus have been added to the already existing Direct Bonus, Team Bonus and the rank bonus! This article informs you about all the new features.

These bonuses aim to speed up our community’s development and growth. In early 2020, as you remember, we set a target to increase our community to 5 million people by the end of the year! Our goal is to not only attract new users to the PLATINCOIN community, but also open the door to the world of high earnings and passive income for them!  

Fast Start Bonus – your explosive start and fast earnings with PLATINCOIN

The Fast Start Bonus allows you to start at maximum speed and be able to earn up to €10,000 extra already in the first two weeks! 

This bonus is awarded if a partner, within 14 days from registration, has built a 1st– level team of 4 people and each one of them has made at least one purchase. The bonus amount, varying from €100 to €10,000, is determined by the cheapest purchased product of one of the 4 products paid for.

For example, if two out of four new partners have paid for a product €107 and two more have paid €268, then your bonus will equal €100. 

If over 4 people have joined your 1st line and each of them has bought products for a different price, the bonus is determined by the amount the user in the 4th place has spent. The ranking goes from the highest to the lowest. 

For example, 10 people have joined your 1st line. Three of them bought a product for €9,951, one for €5,350 and six – for €107. In such a case your bonus will be €5,000, that is aligned with the payment of €5,350.

The Turbo Bonus – earn up to €10,000 on your first line! 

Want to get a nice monthly extra sales bonus? Introducing two categories of the TURBO Bonus: 3-NEW and 6-NEW. The bonus amount depends on the value and quantity of same-category products paid for.

Turbo Bonus: 3-NEW

To receive the 3-NEW bonus, the following conditions are to be met:

If each of the three new partners in your 1st line purchases products of one category (STARTER, BASIC, MEDIUM, PLUS, PRO, PREMIUM or PLATIN) within one month, you will get a bonus ranging between €15.00 and €1,500.00. (€15 for three STARTER-category purchases and €1,500 for three PLATIN-category purchases). 

Turbo Bonus: 6-NEW

To receive the 6-NEW bonus, the following conditions are to be met:

If each of the six new 1st-line partners purchases products of one category (STARTER, BASIC, MEDIUM, PLUS, PRO, PREMIUM or PLATIN) within one month, you will get a bonus ranging between €35.00 and €10,000.00 (€35 for six STARTER-category purchases  and €10,000 for PLATIN-category ones).

When and how are payments made? 

Bonuses accrue in the first week of the month following the month the purchases were made in.

The Turbo Bonus is paid out in EUR in your CASH Account. 

Please note that if each of the six new partners purchases products in all categories from STARTER to PLATIN, you will get a TURBO Bonus of €18,800. 

The Turbo Bonus works both horizontally (3 or 6 identical packages) and vertically. 

If you invite three new partners in a month and they buy three packages, of which one costs €107, another – €535 and the third – €9,951, your earnings will be €15. 

The “minimum package rule” works here: the system counts your partners’ purchases at the price of the minimum purchase that is €107. 

If you invite 6 newcomers per month and they buy packages for €107, €535, €268, €9,951, €1,070 and €5,350, your earnings will be €100. The minimum package rule applies here: the system will count as if there were 6 packages at €107 each.

DIAMOND INFINITY BONUS – a bonus for the most active partners

All active PLATINCOIN partners strive to achieve the Diamond rank. When they do gain this rank, our partners find themselves on a new level – they start earning entirely higher amounts and improve their lives! Their Platincoin account becomes a true money making machine, where all you have to do is click “Start” – a start for new cheques, new opportunities and goals! In order to further incentivize our partners to strive for this high status, we have launched a new bonus – THE DIAMOND INFINITY BONUS! 

The new bonus will be available to all partners with the Diamond rank and above. It will allow you to receive an additional 7% to 14% income from all your partners’ purchases, regardless of the depth of the level, provided the purchases in the first 3 lines amount to €25,000. The transitional conditions will apply during May with the required purchase amount reduced to €5,000 in the first three lines.  The bonus will be paid in EUR, PLC and BTC in the first week of the month following the month the purchases were made in.

In addition, there is the 50% rule, which provides that you can get the bonus only if the maximum share of a single 1st-line partner does not exceed €2,500.

How is the Diamond Infinity Bonus calculated?

The DIAMOND INFINITY BONUS is 7% of the total sales amount in the structure:

Blue Diamond — 8%,

Green Diamond — 9%,

Purple Diamond — 10%,

Red Diamond — 11%,

Black Diamond — 12%,

Platin Diamond — 13%,

Double Platin Diamond — 14%.

Please note that the DIAMOND INFINITY BONUS is reduced if there are other Diamond-rank partners in your structure.

How does it work? For example, if you are a Black Diamond (12% DIAMOND BONUS) and you have a Blue Diamond-rank partner (8% DIAMOND BONUS) in your structure, your DIAMOND BONUS from all sales in the Blue Diamond-rank partner structure will be 4%, because 12% minus 8% equals 4%. This rule applies to the entire structure.

As you can see, the DIAMOND INFINITY BONUS is the biggest bonus for the most active partners! Think about it – if you are aggressively working, your structure’s depth can reach over 100 levels. Now, every payment at any level will bring you an extra commission – the DIAMOND BONUS! If you haven’t reached the DIAMOND rank yet, the new bonus is the best incentive to finally do it and get the biggest bonus in PLATINCOIN history!

PLATINCOIN’s marketing plan, unrivaled in terms of bonuses and earning opportunities, is in a class by itself. PLATINCOIN combines 6 types of income, and there are no peers offering such a powerful system! PLATINCOIN’s marketing, based on careful calculations, is well balanced and far-sighted. It has strength and speed no other system can compare with!