Dear partners, our esteemed community,

There are plenty of speculations about the fate of the cryptocurrency market going around. Many stock exchange traders suffered losses caused by a decrease in Bitcoin price. Despite the market turbulence, our course maintains relative stability and shows no signs of stress.

While many cryptocurrency projects are closing down, PLATINCOIN is shifting into the next gear!

As we have already promised — and everyone is eagerly waiting for it — this year we are getting ready to present some more exciting products to the world. Stay with is for our latest news!

However, there is one secret we are ready to reveal to you right now: the development of the Secure Box has been fully completed! Its production is in the final stage. The first boxes will go into test operation this year enabling the transfer of the entire minting process to blockchain technology.

In order to implement our innovative PLC Minting technology, stay on track and attain our goals, we need to upgrade our blockchain. We will need to replace and update all the nodes. It applies to all the exchanges we are listed on. According to our estimates, the entire procedure will take about 3-6 weeks.

Please bear it in mind and suspend trading while we are doing our upgrades, and advise your partners accordingly. We do not recommend trading currency pairs involving PLC on exchanges during this short period. Also, during the entire upgrade period, in order to prevent withdrawal of coins from the Dashboard, it’s operation will be suspended. This is a necessary measure to ensure that your coins are safe and you don’t accidentally lose them in transactions made to old network wallets. Once the network upgrade is completed, Dashboard withdrawals will be immediately restored.

For us, it is another important milestone on the way to our goal — to make PLC a popular cryptocurrency for mass use. This step will help us gain a strong position in the market, and we will enter into the New Year with confidence in our success.

If you don’t have a PLC Secure Box yet, hurry up and buy it to secure «cryprocurrency rental income» for yourself.

We wish you and your near and dear ones a great Christmas Eve and thank you all for your understanding and support.