Dear Friends, yesterday was a big day. We launched an updated system, as well as wallet download and verification. PLATINCOIN users were even able to transfer to each other first PLC.

Yesterday the system has been tested on the real cases: we were able to withstand 4 big DDOS-attacks. And after security system strengthening we became stronger!

We understand that many users need time to get used to new PLATINCOIN technologies and that not all our partners had time to download and verificate wallets. But don’t worry, you will have time for that.

At the unanimous request of team leaders we declare a tutorial break. Within next days everyone can verificate their accounts easily and without haste, study video instructions and get ready for sales start. Sales start is scheduled for the evening of 23th of July.   

Download PLC Secure Wallet for Mac OS

Download PLC Secure Wallet for Windows

Download PLC Secure Wallet for Android

Tutorial: PLC Secure Wallet

Tutorial: Phone Number Verification

Tutorial: Рurchase business packages PLC