On December 28, PLATINCOIN turns four – on this day in 2016, our brand was officially created and we were registered as a legal entity! Although we started working on our products long before this date, we officially celebrate our birthday today! 

Over these four years, Platincoin not only became a cryptocurrency, but a comprehensive crypto system that includes more than ten high tech products. 

Our entire team has made enormous progress during this time: we’ve released several major platforms and products on the market, which are currently being used by over 600 000 people from 120 countries around the globe. The list includes our innovative Platin Hero crowdfunding platform, POS terminals and ATM cryptomats, the PlatinDeal crypto marketplace, products that generate a passive income for their owners – Power Minter and PLC Secure Box, as well as an improved blockchain!

Despite this impressive product line-up, our development team never stops: we present new updates and releases almost every week! In 2020 alone, we’ve launched many new products: the PlatinDeal cryptocurrency marketplace, the revolutionary Platin Hero platform, one of our most profitable current products Double Pack Limited Edition, as well as our absolutely product for the crypto industry Block Places, which allows users to earn from all transactions in the blockchain. We’ve also updated our PLC Farm product, with a massive upgrade of our blockchain, where we've implemented smart contracts, launched automatic payouts and two-factor authentication via email or our Telegram bot.

Hundreds of thousands of partners have started a new life

Today, PLATINCOIN is an absolute leader in the European cryptocurrency market. Not only do we create and implement new technologies, we dramatically change people’s lives. Hundreds of thousands of our partners around the globe have already started living a truly free life: traveling, making ambitious plans and reaching their goals, finding new friends and like-minded people. You can see this for yourself by reading interviews with our partners from different countries around the globe: with our Black Diamond from Ukraine
Andrei Chumakov, our Purple Diamond from Nigeria Favor Sunano, our Green Diamond from Yalta Antonina Chaikovskaya. You’ll find even more success stories on our blog, in the section titled Success stories! And just a few days ago, one of our PLATINCOIN top leaders Elias Pape reached the highest rank — Double Platin Diamond! To reach this rank, the partner’s team turnover must reach 120 000 000 € — a colossal level of success and a source of joy for the entire community! Elias received a massive bonus from PLATINCOIN — 4041 blockchain places and a cheque for 2 400 000 euros!

In this article, we will tell you all about our core product, about the most important events of 2020, and a bit about our plans for 2021.

Blockchain + minting = passive income!

Most of our current products are based on minting – a unique technology for generating new coins in the PLATINCOIN blockchain. Minting is the next evolutionary step for traditional minting across all parameters. In minting, unlike mining, you can control the size of your reward; the capacity of your equipment and the number of participants are irrelevant. Essentially, all you need to get new coins is to own some coins!

This technology is the foundation for all top PLATINCOIN products  — Power Minter, PLC Secure Box, and PLC Minting Bot.

PLATINCOIN — a high tech product ecosystem 

When Alex Reinhardt first came up with the concept for PLATINCOIN, he didn’t want to create another speculative coin – instead, he aimed to build a global ecosystem of technological products centered around our coin. Today, four years later, we can confidently say that we have not only met, but exceeded this goal.

We are currently preparing to release our cryptocurrency exchange and exchange service where users will be able to exchange PLC coins with minimal commissions. Another ambitious PLATINCOIN project, PLC Bank, is suitable for conducting business from any point on the planet, particularly for crypto and MLM entrepreneurs.

Our key distinction from most cryptocurrencies lies in the fact that the PLC coin was initially created for widespread use. During these four years, one of our core goals was to build a real economy around PLATINCOIN. Because of this approach, today we can offer dozens of ways to spend PLC:

  • buy products for PLC in stores equipped with POS terminals;
  • exchange coins for fiat and back in ATM cryptomats;
  • buy coffee, ice cream, and snacks with a smartphone featuring the PLC Wallet app in our vending machines;
  • buy products from thousands of merchants around the world;
  • pay for purchases with coins at our PlatinDeal marketplace.

2020 results and plans for 2021

Despite the coronavirus pandemic and the global crisis, 2020 became a breakthrough year for the PLATINCOIN team: not only did we weather the storm, but we managed to grow in both size and power. The pandemic that resulted in an intense global shift into the online sphere served as a powerful growth driver for our company: several times this year, we set new goals in terms of turnover, and we attracted several powerful teams of leaders from different countries in the world. They’ve long since watched our growth, and our success in 2020 and explosive growth despite the crisis became a decisive argument in our favor.

We are confident that 2021 will become the year of phenomenal growth for PLATINCOIN! We have already planned a series of fantastic releases that are projected to make waves in the PLATINCOIN community and the entire crypto market at large, with new offices opening around the world, large-scale roadshows, and more! Make sure to follow our news on our blog and social networks, to be the first to hear about all our events.

We’d like to finish this email with a quote from PLATINCOIN founder Alex Reinhardt: 

“PLATINCOIN is not just a technology. It’s my whole life’s work. An innovative platform that fundamentally changes how people feel about cryptocurrencies. Over the past four years, we have become a real family, where people help each other. Our mission goes beyond creating new technologies – we’re changing the world!”