Dear friends, here is excellent news – in late August PLATINCOIN will appear on BitForex crypto exchange. This is sure to enhance our coin’s status on the market, because this young exchange has recently appeared in the crypto world and immediately became a discussion topic all over the world. Why? Let us tell you in more detail.

More on BitForex

The world’s major crypto investors led by Crypto Capital invested about $20 mln to get the project off the ground. BitForex crypto exchange was launched in June 2018 and its trading volume reached $14 bln already in July. On this indicator, BitForex intends to compete with Binance, the recognised market leader.

The current trading volume is about $5bln. Unsurprisingly, analysts have already shown great interest in this phenomenon and already identified the main components of success.

  • Security based on a number of factors – Google 2FA, SMS identification, supplementary measures for individual user protection.
  • Professionalism of the top managers and the developers’ team. BitForex – is a shared product of world major companies – Merrill Lynch, World Bank, McKinsey, Microsoft, Tencent, Lenovo. They have engaged talented professionals from fintech and blockchain fields.
  • High requirements to the cryptocurrencies. The trading venue allows listing of only those currencies that are underpinned by an impeccable implementation of blockchain and reliability.

Today, BitForex is already named one of the leading venues for digital assets exchange. The company is registered on the Seyshell Islands, with the key business conducted in Singapore while independent offices operate in Honkong, Malasia, the Philippines and Europe. The platform already operates in 86 countries with its geography expanding. The BitForex languages are English and Chinese.

The platform trades in 68 cryptocurrencies already. And PLC will get a listing in late August. Meet PLATINCOIN on BitForex.



Everyone in our community is aware that PLATINCOIN’s top executives always act on the basis of their own unique strategy painstakingly pre-developed exclusively for the interests of the PLATINCOIN community.

That’s why the emergence of our coin on various exchanges cannot happen by chance. It would not be strategically wise to advise about our steps in advance. But now, when the matter is settled, we are ready to explain the reason behind our choice. So, how does PLC benefit from joining BitForex?

First of all, this will drive growth of the number of our coin’s holders in the world. As a result it will push up the coin’s liquidity and our users will get a bigger space for PLC selling and buying.

In addition, this offers a chance to attract more attention of the cryptocurrency community to our coin and make it even better known in the world.

It is no secret, that a growing number of general trades gives a coin an opportunity to rise higher in CoinMarketCap (Cryptocurrency Market Capitalizations), if a coin is traded on a top exchange which BitForex certainly is.

It is no less important that Chinese is one of the BitForex key languages while the crypto exchange’s key activity occurs in Singapore. Everyone is aware, for sure, what entry to the Asian billion-worth market means on the whole, and China, specifically.

And finally, there is one more reason we want to mention separately. We value the opinion of everyone who has faith in PLATINCOIN. We are aware that there are a sufficient number of dejected skeptics and ill-wishers who rejoice in other people’s failures.

We do not engage in senseless discussions with them as we have a different way to disprove their gloomy projections – just continue to work and move forward.

You won’t launch your registration. – We have launched it and are working.
You can’t have serious technologies. – We have them and they are working.
Nobody will come and join you. – We already have 200,000 users in 100 countries of the world.
You’ll never make it to any exchange and you will not maintain the rate! – We are already on several exchanges and are soon to join a top one.

Our presence on BitForex proves our coin’s new and higher status and it also confirms that the crypto world accepts and approves us.

We make every new step believing in our partners and hoping that our efforts will help them to feel confident, work calmly and be proud of our common successes.