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Yesterday, on October 2, 2018, PLC appeared on Coinmarketcap (Crypto Currency Market Capitalizations), the world’s most influential website for tracking cryptocurrencies capitalization.

What is Coinmarketcap valued for?

Coinmarketcap service collects data from all exchanges and determines the value of a crypto company’s asset. The site is available in 15 languages and is the world’s largest cryptocurrencies aggregator.

The resource’s main page boasts about 95 million visitors per month seeking to learn basic cryptocurrency data: capitalization, price, number of circulating coins, trading volume for 24 hours, percentage of price change in 1 hour, 24 hours and a week. Data is updated every 5 minutes.

PLATINCOIN Makes It to Coinmarketcap

The service provides extended information for each cryptocurrency: charts, markets, where a currency is traded, social networks, where a relevant project has accounts, the tools for adding information on a relevant cryptocurrency to other websites, historical data representing quotation records that can be sorted out by time intervals.

PLATINCOIN Makes It to Coinmarketcap

Why is it important for the PLATINCOIN community

Coinmarketcap provides information on those cryptocurrencies and crypto exchanges that have successfully passed a rigorous test and proven their market and technological strength and reliability.

To be listed with Coinmarketcap, a cryptocurrency must be traded at least at one exchange having a public API. Such coin should have an accessible URL address showing the number of coins mined as of the relevant time, as well as accurate information on the circulating supply volume.

PLC being added to Coinmarketcap testifies to PLATINCOIN team’s commitment, confirms the viability of the coin and is generally a good sign for the development of the brand and, therefore, each member of our community.