PLC Minting Bot is one of the most profitable core PLATINCOIN products today. It’s a real breakthrough in PLATINCOIN technology, a technologically improved version of our existing Minting Unit product. PLC Minting Bot provides users with a higher level of profitability and a convenient system of monthly coin accrual.

How does the PLC Minting Bot work?

  • After paying for the PLC Minting Bot, you rent out equipment for minting coins. 
  • We allocate a certain number of coins that will be reserved for you. These coins will be used for minting and generating new coins for you. 
  • For three years, you receive coins on a monthly basis. With each year, the interest rate will continue to grow. 

We will cover all expenses for maintaining the PLATINCOIN bot, so you can focus on earning coins and thus building your passive income!

How much can you earn with the PLC Minting Bot?

The profitability of the PLC Minting Bot increases with each year. In the first year, you’ll receive profits of 20–25% (depending on the configuration of your bot), in the second year — 30–35%, increasing to 140% in the third year. The annual interest is divided into 12 equal parts and paid out on a monthly basis.

* This example is based on the amount of PLC that can be purchased on the market at an exchange rate of 5 EUR for 1 PLC

You’ll find detailed information about each product on the product pages in your personal cabinet. 

For your convenience, the page features aggregated information about all your minting bots. This includes the amount of bots you own, the date of your previous minting, the amount of coins previously minted, how much your bots have already extracted, how much remains to be extracted across all bots, and a total amount indicating how much the bots will extract over the entire period of its service.