PLATINCOIN World Convention will take place on May 18, 2019 in Prague (Czech Republic) at the following address: Congress Centre Prague, 5 května 1640/65, 140 21, Praha 4. Click here for more information about the event

All participants who fulfilled the conditions of any PLATINCOIN promotion offering a PLC Secure Box as a prize will become ticket holders to the World Convention.

  1. PLC Secure BOX SUPER PROMO – purchase of €1805 (+VAT) from 23.07.2017 to 17.08.2017 included.
  2. PLC Secure BOX SUPER PROMO 5000 – purchase of €5000 or more until 24.03.2018 included (excluding purchases of tickets to events in Dubai and Berlin, which are not eligible for a box).
  3. OCTOBER-NOVEMBER promo – payment of €5350 for PREMIUM MINTER or of €9951 for PLATIN MINTER from 12.10.2018 to 9.11.2018 included, as well as prolongation from November 17-19 included.
  4. Christmas promotion – payment of €5350 for PREMIUM MINTER or of €1070 for 5 PLUS MINTER, or of €9951 for PLATIN MINTER or of €2675 for 4 PRO MINTER from 01.12.2018 to 19.12.2018 included.
  5. Prague promotion – from 20.12.2018 to 10.05.2019
    – payment of €5350 for PREMIUM MINTER or of €1070 for PLATIN MINTER
    – payment of €9951 for PLATIN MINTER or of €1070 for 5 PLUS MINTER

Please note that only payments in CASH and FIAT are eligible.

If you have fulfilled the conditions of the promotion and received the right to collect a PLC Secure Box, this mens that you already have the right to attend the PLATINCOIN World Convention and receive a PLC Secure Box at the event.

Please note that the number of seats at PLATINCOIN World Convention is limited!

How to enter the event

  • A week before the event, you will see the option of printing a certificate in your personal cabinet. Please note that this option will be deactivated as soon as the number of guests exceeds the available seats.
  • You can register the certificate to your name or to a representative. Please note that it is impossible to change the information in the certificate after registration. We ask you to carefully fill in all fields of the certificate and compare the data with your passport or another form of ID.
  • You will have to show your certificate printed in A4 format in addition to your passport or ID card at the entrance to the event. The name and surname on the certificate and in your passport (ID card) must match.
  • Please note that access to printing the certificate in your personal cabinet will be closed two days before the event or even earlier if the number of registered guests exceeds the available seats.

How to get a PLC Secure BOX

  • Approach the distribution stand at the event.
  • Present your certificate printed in A4 format from your personal cabinet.
  • Trade in your certificate for a PLC Secure Box.

Don’t forget your printed certificate and passport (ID Card)! You will not be allowed into the event without them.