From 21 to 25 May 2018, Skolkovo (Moscow, RF) hosted the “Russian Blockchain Week 2018” forum. Over 70 top-notch experts spoke about the potentialities of blockchain technology use and presented new projects. One of the speakers was Alex Reinhardt who presented to the conference participants the ELVIN crypto messenger.

“Just imagine that you have downloaded a crypto messenger with pre-installed crypto wallets you, probably, do not know anything about. You haven’t figured out what’s what, you just write posts, add friends and put likes – and already you get some crypto currency for your activity.

That is you already own some coins. So, it should be easy for you to make the next step – spend these coins. On the messenger you directly get to the on-line shop section, you see thousands of products and learn how many coins an item you want to buy costs. And here is already the amount you need – here in the crypto wallet. Just one click – and you are a crypto market new user.”

The report of the RT German-language service on the Forum featured an interview by an RT correspondent with Alex Reinhardt whose presentation generated keen interest and a clear-cut positive reaction of the Forum’s participants. Already during his presentation, the attendees started to download the messenger and join the shared chat expressly developed for the Russian Blockchain Week, as ELVIN is also the Forum’s official partner.

Russian Blockchain Week 2018

The audience showed especially keen interest in the Company’s strategy presented in Alex’s report and the details of the new project being prepared that he also covered – a huge service product to be presented by its designers by September 2018. This product is an entirely new round in the crypto industry development.

“We intend to launch an ICO in September 2018 which is sure to become the ICO of the Year. It is a large-scale revolutionary product, and we are convinced that the market has not seen anything of this kind so far.

The creators have set a very ambitious fund raising target. Hard cap – $300 mio… We will not attract just market professionals who are already here and there is no need to attract them anywhere, but mass users. This will enable us to operate freely and develop the project’s other parts.”

In conclusion Alex Reinhardt expressed hope that our groundwork and expertise would enable all blockchain projects to scale up in future. The audience’s reaction to those words convinced us once again that the idea of setting up an easy entry point to the crypto market and its expansion is highly topical. And this means that we offer a solution the entire crypto community is really looking forward to.