Support requests and tickets have now been processed and we would like to answer the 4 most common questions.

1. Shipping of PLC coins:

PLC coins will be shipped without complications across Europe in January, or for the most part have already been delivered. If you are one of those people who have not received any coins within Europe, we ask you to check the personal information you provided (your name and delivery address) to ensure that we have it correctly.

Coins internationally (outside of Europe): it is a special logistical challenge for us due to the customs regulations. German delivery companies have already canceled our delivery orders outside of Europe several times due to precisely these reasons.

We are working hard to create an international solution for each country to comply with our request for coin delivery. We have already gained packing and shipping points in several countries, so we expect to be able to ensure delivery of the coins later this quarter.

We ask for your patience, because we are working hard on logistic solutions.

2. Duration of the Secure Box Promo Action:

We have received many requests concerning the duration of the “Secure Boxing Promo Action”. This action is still available for you until the Dubai event on 24.03.2018. In other words, if a business package from 5,000 € is purchased, the secure box is included.

There are no Dubai Event Tickets and no package purchases paid out of T-Cash. Training packages and payments are to be paid with fiat money exclusively.

3. Delivery time of secure boxes:

Secure boxes are a strategic tool of the Group. Due to this fact shipment of Secure Boxes will start at the earliest three months after the IPO (Exchange). After three months, the management will re-evaluate if the moment is the best for the strategic plan of the company and inform you accordingly.

According to the current state, we assume that the shipment of Secure Boxes will take place in the summer of 2018.

4. Commitment of the Minting process:

We will do a system update before going to the Exchange. That means everyone in the PLC community gets a new wallet. After the update, we will gradually begin to enroll bonus PLCs, which are calculated in the process of the Minting, for the period starting from November 1, 2017. So nobody in our community will suffer from the later sending of the Secure Box.

We hope that the answers to the most frequent questions will help you working with PLATINCOIN and make it more pleasant and comfortable. If you have any further questions, please contact support.