On Friday, August 13th, the first-round winners of the Yakutia charity project raffle were awarded in the Platin Hero office in Moscow. Six partners from Russia and the CIS attended the event, and Alex Reinhardt presented them with iPhones and MacBooks. We also organized a live call with our partners in Berlin, who could watch the ceremony in real time.

Alex started the event with a speech, where he talked about the uniqueness of Platin Hero, the goals for the PLATINCOIN and Platin Hero teams, thanking everyone for their willingness to help. The event ended with a celebratory buffet and a photoshoot.

In this post, we’ve assembled the best photos from the partners’ meeting. Check them out and share this post on your social media accounts! You’ll find even more photos on our Facebook page.

We’d like to remind you that the second round of our promo campaign is currently in progress. You can support the project by following the link: https://www.platinhero.com/en/campaign/2538/promo-project-help-yakutia/campaign

For instructions on participating in the raffle, click on this link: https://blog.platincoin.com/ru/tutorialy/kak-prinjat-uchastie-v-rozygryshe/

А по этой ссылке вы сможете прочитать подробный отчет о первом этапе помощи для жителей региона, а также узнать имена победителей первого розыгрыша: https://blog.platincoin.com/ru/plc/otchet-o-pomoshhi-zhiteljam-jakutii-na-platin-hero

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