Dear Partners!

From 15.06 to 20.07 current members of the Winners Club will receive an additional bonus: not only will their max load increase, but all current partners who join the club during this period will get an opportunity to acquire 4 additional places in the blockchain. By joining the Winners Club during this period, you will reserve 4 places in the blockchain for yourself. These places can be activated once any 4 partners in your first line also join the Winners Club. There is no time limit on this condition. As soon as the 4th partner in your first line joins the Winners Club, all 4 places in the blockchain will be activated simultaneously, and the user will be able to start earning money from all of them. From the moment of registration, all new partners get this opportunity which remains available for 14 days.

What do places  in the PLATINCOIN blockchain give to their owners? 

Blockchain owners receive from all PLATINCOIN transactions fees, which thousands of users worldwide conduct every minute, a specific amount! Blockchain places give you the right to receive on all blockchain transactions - millions of transactions through commission payments, product payments, in- and outputs to and from exchanges, POS-terminal transactions, transactions in crypto mats, etc. This is an unprecedented chance to build a lifetime passive income. 

You can read more about the PLATINCOIN Winners Club in our blog.