Since 22 January 2019 the rules of payment for Minting Units have changed: A Starter Minter can now be purchased only through T-CASH. You can pay for all other Minting Units via the earlier-available methods, except for T-CASH.

Below is the current list of payment modes for Starter Minter.

The payment options Minting Units have changed

And this is what the payment options for all other Minting Units look like now:

The payment options Minting Units have changed

That is T-CASH and CASH?

T-CASH and CASH are the user’s internal balance, formed by referral and other bonuses. Funds from CASH can be freely withdrawn, and those from T-CASH are to be spent only on the Company’s products.

Funds earned by a partner are allocated between T-CASH and CASH at a ratio of 30 to 70. For example, your first-line partner paid €535.00 for a Minting Unit, so you earned 10% which is €50.00. Then 30% of this amount goes to T-CASH and 70% goes to CASH.

Minting Unit purchase gives you access to a unique minting program. PLATINCOIN currently offers a product line featuring 7 Minting Units:

  • Starter Minter (T-Cash only)
  • Basic Minter
  • Medium Minter
  • Plus Minter
  • Pro Minter
  • Premium Minter
  • Platin Minter

The payment options Minting Units have changed

Minting Units are a link between network marketing and the crypto market, which is the guarantor of the relationship between the Company and its partners.