An intense training for PLATINCOIN speakers, a presentation of the revolutionary Platin Hero crowdfunding platform, an event for new and active PlatinDay partners – this is how our PLATINCOIN partners from Germany spent the weekend! The events brought together 170 Diamond leaders from all over Germany — they learned to present PLATINCOIN products, received an introduction to crowdfunding projects, won automobiles and participated in tastings of collectible wines. In this article, you will learn all the details of these past events and get a closer look at each of the projects presented at the meeting.

Training for PLATINCOIN speakers from top company leaders 

The weekend kicked off with an instructive training for PLATINCOIN speakers, with top company leaders Dirk Fricke and Elias Pape conducting sessions on September 25-26. They shared ten effective scripts for selling PLATINCOIN products with future speakers, with an intensive practical session.

Around 40 leaders participated in this session, and all of them felt much more confident selling PLATINCOIN products in the end. All of the partners who completed the training received certificates from the company.

Long-awaited presentation of the PlatinHero crowdfunding platform 

On September 26 we hosted an exciting presentation for the PlatinHero crowdfunding platform, with pitches from our first projects. 

Platin Hero is a unique crowdfunding platform based on the unique opportunities offered by blockchain technology. The platform is unique: to support a project, simply freeze a certain number of coins on your wallet until the deadline. If the campaign is successful, and the project reaches its financial goal, all users supporting the project receive an additional 10% from the frozen amount credited to their wallet, while the frozen funds are made available again! 

There are already several dozen projects available on PlatinHero, and the best ones among them were presented last weekend in Berlin.

Real estate in the heart of Berlin 

One of the most exciting features is a project for building eco-friendly real estate in Berlin. Up to 4000 apartment suites will be built in the best areas of the city in 2024. Supporters on PlatinHero will get discounts between 10 and 30% depending on the size of their donations.

You can also support the project — 

ELPADORADO — eco resort in Madagascar from top PLATINCOIN leader 

This project, created by top PLATINCOIN leader Elias Pape, offers a tourist resort complex in Madagascar, surrounded by tropical forests, with access to a sand beach. The 250-hectare territory of the forest is filled with rare ferns and orchids, with lemurs frolicking among them. Nomadic Resorts, a notable partner of the Madagascar government, is collaborating on this project. PlatinHero supporters will get a chance to relax at ELPADORADO for free.

Follow the link to support the project —

Milardt — a new Swiss jewelry brand 

The presentation of Milardt, the most beautiful project on the platform, thrilled the female half of the audience! Milardt is a new Swiss jewelry brand, offering jewelry made with rare precious stones for prices ten times lower than market averages. 

Jewelry from the Swiss Milardt brand is a unique and unforgettable gift for you and your friends and family. You can be absolutely confident that your gift will be unique, because all Milardt creations are centered around rare precious stones with high carat counts, which only exist in a single copy because each stone is unique.

Would you like to get a piece of jewelry made with 10-carat emeralds, rubies, diamonds, tourmalines, sapphires absolutely free of charge? This is possible with Platin Hero! Make a donation and receive your own unique Milardt creation as a gift 

PlatinDeal: global crypto marketplace

Alex Reinhardt presented PlatinDeal – a revolutionary marketplace, where you can freeze PLC coins in exchange for a certificate valid at any store in the world, from IKEA to Apple and luxury auto retailers! Users receive their certificates as soon as the coins are frozen. 

Would you like a free cup of Starbucks coffee? Freeze 10 PLC and get a Starbucks certificate! For a new BMW, freeze 50 000 PLC in exchange for a certificate to the brand’s dealership, valid for a car purchase for 50 000 euros! This system is supported by smart contract technology, which we recently explained on our blog

Guests at the event were excited by this shopping revolution! But their surprise went off the charts when Alex Reinhardt organized a draw for certificates valid to purchase five automobiles during the event! Give lucky members of the PLATINCOIN community won cars! Congratulations!

Right now, over 400 top automobiles await their owners on PlatinDeal: from Volkswagen to Mercedes and Porsche.

Support the project — 

PLC Bank — a bank for modern business

Alex Reinhardt also introduced PLC Bank – a modern bank that is perfectly suited to managing businesses from any point in the world, particularly convenient for crypto and MLM entrepreneurs. Clients at the bank will have access to flexible corporate accounts, crypto accounts, debit cards that can be used directly to pay with cryptocurrencies and many other unique advantages not offered by other banks. 

Five top PLATINCOIN leaders (Elias Pape, Vecellio Orlando, Dirk Fricke, and brothers Bertil and Kenneth Filgis) became brand ambassadors for the PLC Bank project and received real gold coins from Alex. 

Project supporters will receive debit cards, the option to open a bank account, as well as other special services. 

Support the project — 

MEGAMARCHE — the largest German marketplace for groceries and everyday goods 

The MEGAMARCHE project will offer certificates for grocery stores in Germany. The project collaborates with the largest hypermarkets in Germany, offering access to over 100 000 products to clients. 

The project plans to expand the range of available certifcates. MEGAMARCHE is currently negotiating with representatives from pharmacies, animal supply stores, and fast food restaurants.

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Amarone Club — elite gastronomic club for those who appreciate a variety of flavors 

The event finished with a dinner and tasting session hosted by the Amarone Club project — guests tasted nine wines, retailing at 400 euros per bottle! Amarone Club offers three tasting options for its members: gourmet boxes with worldwide delivery, investments in wine, and gastronomic tours. 

Depending on the size of the donation, Amarone Club supporters will receive wine and champagne with home delivery, gourmet boxes and a chance to receive club events, which will be hosted in the most beautiful spots on the planet 4 times a year. 

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PlatinDay — not just a community, but a big family 

On September 27, we also organized an event called PlatinDay — a massive meeting for active and new PLATINCOIN partners, bringing together 170 leaders from across the country. PlatinDay offers an opportunity to meet old friends and make new connections in person, while also introducing newcomers to PLATINCOIN products.

One of our partners got into a serious car crash on her way to PlatinDay, barely surviving the incident. When he learned about her story, Alex gave her a certificate for a car as a gift, while all the other partners offered their support. This story brought the German PLATINCOIN community even closer together, proving that we are not just people who believe in technologies, but a large and close-knit family! 

All our partners left the event feeling happy and charged with energy. We’re excited for new events in countries around the world, where the PLATINCOIN community is active!