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It is expressly prohibited to accept funds and deposits on behalf of third parties.

This means that all deposits for ticket purchases may only be made for your own name.

If it is determined that the specified reference number does not match the account holder, the deposited amounts will be returned and associates costs will be borne by the payer. In this context, it must be ensured that the first and last name are given correctly in the profile. The management reserves the right to block the account in case of misuse.

Payment terms and limitations


The accumulated limit of € 100,000 per transfer per day must not be exceeded in any case. The purchase volume for event tickets on the Platincoin platform per person is limited to € 107,000. For training packages, the purchase volume per person is limited to € 8,000.

ADV Cash

The cumulative limit of € 100,000 per transaction and per day must not be exceeded in any case. The limit for event tickets per person is limited to a maximum of € 107,000.


The cumulative limit of € 100,000 per transaction and per day must not be exceeded in any case. The limit for event tickets per person is limited to a maximum of € 107,000.

Direct transfer

Please note that the following procedure is IMPLEMENTED when making transfers for training packages or event tickets:

    1. The cumulative limit of € 100,000 per transaction and per day must not be exceeded in any case.
    2. The limit for event tickets per person is limited to a maximum of € 107,000.
    3. The sender and the account owner MUST match.
    4. In the intended use, please put before and after the 10-digit reference number a P WITHOUT spaces. (When purchasing tickets to Dubai Event, please also enter the wording BOOKING EVENT.) Only then it can be guaranteed that the payment can be allocated.
      Example for purchase of a ticket to Dubai Event: P0123456789P Booking Event
    5. The transfer confirmation MUST be sent to the following email from the email address stored in the PLC system:
      In addition to that the first and last name as well as the 10-digit reference number and once again the email address store in the Platincoin system MUST be likewise specified in the email body.
      Example: Max Mustermann P0123456789P max@mustermann.de
    6. The processing of the transfer can take 3 to 14 working days.
    7. If the transfer is successful, the amount will be credited to the PLC Cash Account. The purchase is not completed yet.
    8. The purchase of the business package MUST be performed manually in PLC-Dashboard thereafter.
    9. Please note, some transfer fees are applicable.
    10. Please note that payments made by Direct payment from abroad are subject to an additional fee by the sender bank. This fee varies depending on the bank of the sender. This transfer fee has nothing to do with the internal PLC payment provider and must necessarily be added to the transfer amount. If the payment is transferred without these fees, charged by the sender bank, an insufficient amount will be recorded in the system and there may be no purchase of the packages or tickets.

Bank details:

Account holder: DASPROCTA S.R.O.
Account: 281544492/0300
IBAN: CZ02 0300 0000 0002 8154 4492
Purpose of use (example for event ticket): P0123456789P Booking Event

Address of recipient bank:

Radlická 333/150
150 57 Praha 5
Czech Republic

Registered office of the account holder:

Dasprocta s.r.o.
Rohacova 188/37
13000 Praha 3
Czech Republic


To buy your business package at Platincoin via BitCoin, you need a BitCoin wallet.

We recommend to set a Wallet by Coinbase:


You will need following for the verification and legitimacy at Coinbase:

  1.  Personal ID/or travelling passport
  2.  Bill for utilities / for instance electricity or gas or water (not older than 3 months)
  3. Possibly company proof

Once the verification is complete, you can buy BitCoins.

Please make sure that the account holder who pays the amount to the wallet is the same as the Coinbase Wallet holder. Payments from company accounts to a private wallet will be rejected. The reason for this is the money laundering legislation.


Once the BitCoin wallet is activated and you have purchased BitCoins and they are available in your BitCoin-Wallet, you can perform the purchase of the packages in your PLC Dashboard.

IMPORTANT: As soon as you want to pay for the PLC Business package with BitCoins, you should open your Coinbase Wallet and activate the barcode scanner BEFORE you confirm the purchase. Please note that as soon as the purchase has been confirmed in the PLC Dashboard, a mask with a QR code opens.

  1. If you use the mobile app, scan the QR-code with your app and transfer the corresponding amount of BitCoins.
  2. If you perform the purchase from your PC, copy the wallet ID and the amount and perform the transfer.

VERY IMPORTANT: You only have a 15-minute time slot to transfer BitCoins. To ensure that the transfer time of 15 minutes can be met, the fee at Coinbase must be raised accordingly. You have to adjust the Coinbase Transfer Fee BEFORE the transaction so you can ensure that the BitCoins are transferred within 15 minutes.


Situation 1: You transfer BitCoins WITHIN 15 minutes AND the amount of BitCoin is correct, the BitCoins are deducted from your BitCoin wallet. The package purchase is immediately confirmed and booked and activated in your PLC account.

Situation 2: You transfer BitCoins LATER THAN 15 minutes AND the amount of BitCoins is correct. The BitCoins are deducted from your BitCoin wallet. The intended purchase is not yet apparent in the PLC dashboard. Nevertheless, within five working days the business package purchase will be performed. There is no further purchase necessary!

Situation 3: You submit your BitCoins AFTER 15 minutes and the BitCoins are not enough, the purchase will be rejected by the system and the amount will be posted to your PLC-Cash account.

Situation 4: If no BitCoin transmission takes place, no package purchase will be executed and you can repeat the process.


Available only in Germany, Austria, Switzerland. With the limit up to 10.000 € per day and transaction.

You would like to pay for the training package you require by Sofortüberweisung. To avoid possible double payments we would like to point out the following:

In the event of increased transaction volumes at the banks, it may take up to 60 minutes to confirm and execute your Sofortüberweisung.

Please wait or check after a reasonable time whether the order you have placed has been executed by your bank.

Credit card

The imit up to 3.500 € per day and transaction.

Our experience with credit cards has shown that:

One third of the payments can be easily done.

Please note that your PLC profile has been completely and correctly completed to reduce the risk of rejection. Common errors that lead to the rejection of the payment are misrepresentation of name, card number and expiration date.

By the half of the payments it happens that that the payment is not accepted immediately and a confirmation from your bank is required. If this is the case, please call your bank and confirm the correctness of the payment.

IMPORTANT: In case of the initially declined payment the business package purchase MUST be re-executed after the bank and payment permission. Please note that the bank permission is usually only valid for 24 hours. After that, it may be necessary to ask your bank for permission once again.

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