Two exciting events with major Latin American leaders took place on December 11 and 12 in Dubai. These were two action-packed days filled with a wealth of useful information, lively conversations between like-minded people, and many unforgettable impressions!

The meeting brought together around 40 team leaders from all over Latin America. Each guest was a strong leader with an extensive background in network marketing and a large team. Each guest had serious requirements towards the company’s KPIs – its turnover, products, management, community, and performance results.

They spent a long time evaluating PLATINCOIN and ultimately decided to join us, because they were inspired by the truly phenomenal results that the project has shown for the fifth year in a row. These leaders shared their intentions to achieve high turnovers and they are confident that PLATINCOIN offers enormous opportunities to fulfill their aspirations. We are honored to see these high-level leaders choosing PLATINCOIN as their project for collaboration.

The first meeting took place on Friday at a yacht club in one of the most luxurious hotels in Dubai — Bvlgari Resort Dubai! At this meeting, Alex talked about PLATINCOIN and Platin Hero, he took stock of the results of 2020 and shared his ambitious plans for 2021.

The guests also visited our renovated office, where they attended several strategically important meetings.

The second event was hosted at one of the largest yachts in Dubai – Desert Rose. This was a real party, with inspiring stories from PLATINCOIN top leaders, informal conversations with Alex Reinhardt and like-minded people, which each of our participants will remember for a long time. 

Guests flew home feeling recharged and ready to conquer new heights together with PLATINCOIN!

We are confident that with such powerful leaders on our team we can look forward to a legendary 2021!