PLATINCOIN is a new generation crypto system. It gives unique opportunities to its users for communication, learning, self-development, investing and building one’s own business. In order to use the opportunities this site offers, you first need to get registered and get verfified.


Verification means confirming by documents all data provided by a user. The government has in place certain requirements to internet services. And one of such requirements is confirming user data. It is well justified as it is the duty of any government to take care of its citizens’ security and combat illegal turnover of money.

To open a bank account you have to go the bank and submit documents proving your identity. The same confirmation is necessary to use the services of any web-wallets, on-line banks and other internet payment systems. But in this case you do not have to go anywhere – it is enough to upload the images of necessary documents in the dashboard of the service.

Platin Genesis DMCC operates exclusively within the lawful field. And we take care to ensure that our partners’ activities are lawful and protected. And this means that it should comply with all legislative requirements. That’s why we use a full multi-stage verification aimed to ensure safety and security on both sides – both for the crypto system as well as the user working with it.


After getting registered with PLATINCOIN you become the owner of an account and dashboard in the cryptosystem. To register, it is enough to go to the referral link, indicate your first and family names, e-mail address and country of residence.

Verification in PLATINCOIN


As we see, there is an account, but it is not verified – the red Unverifiedmark under the user’s name shows it. Press it and you will find yourself on the verification page. To make verification convenient, the information to be confirmed is broken down into five categories: passport data, address, telephone number, user type and payout. At the start, you can confirm only one or two categories and come back to the other ones later.

Please note: checking all information may take up to several days. First of all, we try to check data of the users who wish to use the Payout option or have already used it.


Please note that verification in PLATINCOIN is now available in English, and the documents are accepted in three languages – English, German and Russian. If your identity documents are in other languages, you will need their notarized and apostilled translations.

Please fill in all the fields on the page with your passport data. Please use the Latin alphabet letters.

Verification in PLATINCOIN

Using the window for uploading add:

  • Scans or photos of the main document – your passport or ID card. The document should be valid for at least 6 months.
  • A photo of you holding your ID card or passport open on the first page. Please make sure that your face and the document are seen very clearly on the photo.
  • If you do not hold a passport or an ID card, upload any other official document confirming your identity.

Please note: If you have a multi-page passport, you should scan the two-page opening with your photo. Your should scan both sides of your ID card or passport in the plastic card form and first upload the image of the top side and then the reverse side.

Verification in PLATINCOIN


Press “Save” at the bottom of the page to save the information you have entered and then “Verification” in order to send your data for checking. Data verification may take up to 30 days. After you get a confirmation of successful verification, Verifiedsign will appear under the category on top.


Fill in all mandatory fields on the address page. They are marked with*:

  • Country
  • City
  • Address 1 (street name, apartment building number, apartment number)
  • Postal (ZIP) code

If you registered in a certain address but live elsewhere and want to get mail at your actual residence address, please mark the item “Actual address does not correspond to the registration address”. And fill in the fields that have opened.

Verification in PLATINCOIN

Using the “Image upload” window, add a scan or photo of the page in your key document -passport or ID card – showing your permanent registration (residence) address, as well as scans or photos of documents issued no more than 6 months ago confirming that it is indeed your address. These can be the following documents:

  • Utility bills (for gas, water, telephone, etc.),
  • Official bank statements,
  • Letters from tax authorities or any other government agencies.

The uploaded documents should be in English, German or Russian. If your documents are in other languages, their notarized and apostilled translations will be OK.


Just indicate your phone number in the appropriate field and press “Save” at the bottom of the page. Please check that you have indicated the correct phone number and press “Confirm number”. Sms with the confirmation code will be sent to this number and you need to enter the confirmation code in the appropriate field and press “Verification completed”. A few minutes later you will get a message that the telephone number is successfully confirmed.


To get verification in this Section you need to specify whether you are a private individual (Private Use) or a legal entity (Business Use). If you are a legal entity please indicate your tax identification number (Tax ID) and press “Save” to save the information you have entered.

To confirm the entered information, you, as a legal entity, need to upload photos/scans of the following documents:

  • Certificate registration of a legal entity;
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN);
  • After you save and upload all necessary data, press “Verification”.


For verification in the PAYOUT category you need to indicate the payment system through which you are going to draw money from your PLATINCOIN account. After you select a payment system, indicate your account number in that system.

Account example ADVCash 1111 1111 1111


So, in order successfully go through verification you need:

  • A scan or a photo of your main document’s first page – your passport or ID card (photos of both sides). If you do not have such documents – a scan or a photo of another state document confirming your identity;
  • A photo of you holding your passport open on the first page;
  • A scan or a photo of the passport page showing your registration at your place of residence;
  • A scan or a photo of documents confirming your address (utility bills, official bank statements, letters from the tax authorities or other government agencies);
  • Be ready to indicate your postal (ZIP) code and the details of your payment system. For Business accounts it is necessary to indicate the Tax ID on the PAYOUT page.
  • In addition, two additional documents will be required for Business pages: TIN (Tax Individual Number) and a Certificate of registration of a legal entity).

Requirements to all images:

  • Format: JPEG and PNG
  • Size not more than 5 Mb
  • Resolution at least 600×600 pixels
  • The image should be distinct (sharply-defined) and clearly visible, without blurs or unnecessary objects covering the letters or the document holder’s face
  • We recommend you to enter authentic data right at the moment of registration and verify the account before you deposit money or within 1 or 2 days after that. Then you will be able to use all PLATINCOIN opportunities and your request for money withdrawal will be processed without delay or additional checks.