Dear Partners!

We are delighted to announce that sales of the Power Minters (PLC Farm) are now available for purchase with PLC coins!

How much will the Power Minter cost?

What is the Power Minter? 

The Power Minter is an innovative development from PLATINCOIN which makes it possible to earn an annual income of 30% on your smartphone. To work with your Power Minter you only need two apps - a PLC Farm and a PLC Wallet.

Unlike traditional mining, Power Minter users don’t have to constantly update their equipment and spend extra money on electricity – to generate new coins, it’s enough to load your coins into the PLC Farm and track the minting process in real time on your smartphone screen!

With the recent transition of minting into smart contracts, the process is even more convenient: now, new coins are generated as soon as a certain amount is frozen. Then users receive a share of the annually generated coins each month. You can view the date and size of these payouts in the PLC Farm and in the PLC Wallet apps. For more information on working with the updated PLC Farm app, check out our blog

Buying Power Minter with PLC is an excellent opportunity to guarantee a stable passive income, with an amount you can easily control on your smartphone! It will extract coins without the need of your involvement for the next 10 years! 

Buy it, mint PLC coins, and build your passive income. Start your journey towards financial freedom right now!