Dear Partners!

We are delighted to announce the completion of the first round of the PLATINCOIN Winners Club. We were pleasantly surprised by the large number of partners who took advantage of this opportunity. Soon, we will tally the results and announce the list of the first members of the Platincoin Winners Club. 

Our team is currently at the final stage of developing a comprehensive functional account page, where you will be able to find all your payouts and track your progress. 

What should I do if I haven’t made it into the club?

No need to worry if you didn’t manage to fulfill all the club membership conditions on your first try – you have a chance to join the club every month. The next countdown starts on July 1st and runs for 14 days. A new countdown will start again on the first of every month, e.g. August 1st, and runs for the duration of another 14 day, e.g. until August 14th. This will proceed on for the following months to come.

The advantage of being a Winners Club member is, you will get a chance to increase your max load each month by the max load of your largest pack, if, within the first 14 days of a given calendar month, you invite three new partners, with each partner purchasing a Limited Edition Double Pack in the Plus category and above.

We wish you large payouts and a great team development together with PLATINCOIN!