Dear Partners!

We’ve simplified the PLATINCOIN verification process for all countries outside the EU: from now on, you no longer need to confirm your address – it’s enough to simply verify your passport.

What has changed? 

In the past, all partners had to complete a two-step process: first, verifying their passport, and then their residential address. The second step often presented a challenge, as some documents were difficult to obtain. And since many people live in rented homes, completing the second step was sometimes effectively impossible.

From now on, our partners residing outside Europe will be able to complete the process simply by verifying their passport by sending a screenshot/photo of the document and a selfie with the document. This is a major step towards simplifying the process of working with PLATINCOIN for our partners around the globe!

What are the benefits of verification? 

Verification is a crucial step for any PLATINCOIN partner. It allows users to maximize their opportunities: enabling withdrawal of referral bonuses and earned coins from the dashboard, inviting partners, and ensuring account security.

Simplifying the verification process breaks down the barriers to entry, making it possible for countless partners around the globe to make the most of the opportunities provided by PLATINCOIN! We are confident that this step will result in significant increases in turnover, and partners will be able to reach new ranks even faster!

If you haven’t completed the verification process yet, submit your application as soon as possible – under the new conditions, the process can be completed in no time. Once you’ve verified your account, you can take advantage of all the features offered by PLATINCOIN – inviting new partners, recommending products, receiving and withdrawing bonuses, and quickly reaching new ranks!