Dear partners! As you already know, in 2020, we have set ourselves the goal to expand our community to 5 million people all around the world. Moving towards this goal, we have set out on a roadshow in Asia to present PLATINCOIN in 9 Asian countries and 10 cities including Seoul (South Korea), Istanbul (Turkey), Manila (Philippines), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Hong Kong (China), Jakarta (Indonesia), Bangkok (Thailand), Mumbai and New Delhi (India) and Hanoi (Vietnam). And this is just the beginning, as we have 30 large-scale events planned in the world’s largest cities for 2020!

To facilitate our new partners’ interaction with PLATINCOIN, we are extensively internationalize and improveour website. During the month of February, PLATINCOIN’s website will be translated into 18 new languages. The website versions in the first 6 languages ​​have already been put in production making languages, such as Spanish, Korean, Turkish, Italian, Chinese and Hindi available to our users. It will make it much easier for thousands of our new partners around the world to work with PLATINCOIN products!

And that’s not all — not only have we added new languages, but we have also improved the interface. The Main Wallet will now be displayed in the dashboard in the PLC Farm section.

One of PLATINCOIN’S biggest news stories of the year is the launch of an automatic payout procedure! We have greatly improved the process in our new website release — the maximum request amount is now 1,000 PLC and the daily withdrawal limit is 10,000 PLC. The limits allow users to minimize the waiting process when transferring coins to the wallet from the dashboard.

Thank you for choosing PLATINCOIN products!

The time is now!