Dear partners! 

We announce the biggest webinars in PLATINCOIN history where all participants can get a gift worth €9,975! The webinars are scheduled for the 8th of February (in Russian and German) and the 10th of February (in Spanish, Hindi and English).

Our previous webinars brought together over 70,000 participants - an all-time record in our history! The webinar in Hindi for partners in India attracted 17,394 participants, in German - 16,593, in Russian - 16,477, in English for partners in Africa 12,049 and in Spanish for our Latin American partners 9,057.

This time, we've set an even more ambitious goal of bringing in 100,000 people per webinar. To make our goal reality, we've launched fantastic conditions with giveaways worth up to €9,975! 

Terms for webinar participants

For the first time in PLATINCOIN’s history we are giving away gifts worth €9,975 to all webinar participants!  

  • If 5,000 people participate, everyone will get a gift worth €110;
  • 10, 000 participants — €275;
  • 25, 000 participants — €1,100;
  • 50, 000 participants — €5,500;
  • 100 000 participants — €9,975! 

Webinar schedule

In Russian:

📆 8.02

⏰ 19:00 Moscow


In German:

📆 8.02

⏰ 19:30 Berlin


In Spanish for our partners in Latin America:

📆 10.02

⏰ 20:00 (8 pm) Mexico City


In Hindi for our partners in India:

📆 10.02

⏰ 19:30 New Delhi (15:00 Berlin)


In English for our partners in Africa:

📆 10.02

⏰ 19:00 Lagos (19:00 Berlin)


How to invite newcomers?

At the previous webinars there were a lot of novices who registered with PLATINCOIN right after the webinars and were automatically enrolled in the teams of their inviting partners. They have already started to build their passive income, develop their teams and learn about new technologies and opportunities. 

Please note that in order for your invitee to join your team, you need to do the following:

▪️ Click on the webinar link, which will take you to the website page.

▪️ After the slash symbol (“/”) in the address bar of the website and enter your referral number. For example:

▪️ Copy the resulting link and send it to your potential partner.

Today, PLATINCOIN is more than a cryptocurrency and a tool of passive income. PLATINCOIN is a huge community of like-minded people. It stands for a lifestyle and opportunities that grow every day. 

We want as many people as possible to learn about PLATINCOIN and be able to use our products and technology to reach a new quality of life and increase their income. To this end, please invite as many new people as possible to our webinars - let as many people as possible learn about PLATINCOIN!