Blockchain places are an innovative development of the PLATINCOIN team. It is an unprecedented opportunity to become a co-owner of the PLATINCOIN blockchain.

A place in blockchain, or block places, is a digital record in blocks of a blockchain network that have been unified and personalised to a specific user. In other words, the owner of the blockchain place becomes an integral co-owner of the blockchain code share.

To put that into perspective, let’s imagine blockchain as a train that has many carriages. There are dozens of seats in each carriage; passengers must buy a ticket to get a seat. So, a train is a blockchain, carriages are blocks in the blockchain, and passenger seats are the very blockchain places that people acquire. The only difference with the train is that the owners of places in the PLATINCOIN blockchain make money off their places unlimitedly. After all, the blockchain can live and run forever!

In the future, a whole business infrastructure will be built around blockchain places. It will also work on the PLATINCOIN blockchain and thereby generate even more commissions for blockchain places.

The advantage of being a co-owner of blockchain places is that you profit off all the commissions that go through your places. The more places you have, the higher your revenue.

Commissions come up when paying for products, paying bonuses, making deposits and withdrawals on exchanges, on all POS terminals and cryptomats, and, of course, on millions of minting transactions!

Let's take a closer look at how blockchain places work and what constitutes the income of their owner. What’s incredible is that you get blockchain places, and with them, a lifetime source of income, for free if you meet certain conditions. The number of your seats allows you to make money from the total amount of commissions on the blockchain network. The more places you have, the more you earn.

So, what is the formula for calculating the profitability of one place?

Actually, it’s very simple: on average, all active places accumulate about 5% of the infrastructure turnover.

Let's imagine that the monthly turnover of the PLATINCOIN infrastructure amounted to 30 000 000 PLC, and the total amount of commissions from all services and business projects was around 5%. To calculate the cost of one place, you need to multiply the total turnover in coins by the commission amount and divide it by the number of all places. For the places to work and bring you income, you need to activate them by connecting to the node.

Place owners make money off of blockchain places every month. Places have no expiration date, so users can draw income forever. This is a truly unique opportunity that no technology or infrastructure except PLATINCOIN can offer!