In this article, we are going to talk about a new cool opportunity for PLATINCOIN users - Donation Points. They are gift points that enable you to participate in various charity or business projects on our crowdfunding platform Platin Hero. Each point equals one PLC.

Let's start with how to get Donation Points. It's very simple - you get them as a gift for every Double Pack purchase. Each package contains a fixed number of Donation Points, and the more expensive the package, the more Donation Points you will get. So it is much easier now to support projects - you do not have to think where to get them from, because Donation Points will be automatically credited to you when you make a purchase!

Donation Points are a cool way to help projects achieve their goals much faster. Thanks to them, projects can get support and donations much quicker, while donors can earn bonuses and receive gifts if the project is successful. Users who support projects with Donation Points will be able to get gifts and acknowledgment from projects.

We are sure that with Donation Points hundreds of thousands of successful projects will run on our platform and they will do a lot of good to people and change the world for the better!

So, let’s take at an example. Let's say you have purchased a PREMIUM product for 6,000 euros, which includes 1,000 Donation Points. That is exactly how many Donation Points you will get which you can use to support any project on the Platin Hero platform.

By the way, here is an important point. Donation Points are valid for a limited term - just one year. The countdown starts from the moment they are credited to the user's balance. After 12 months, the unused points will be cancelled. So, support the projects and change the world for the better with us!