While miners around the world were puzzled by the search for a more promising coin to mine, rising electricity bills, and the search for a new ultra-powerful video card, engineers at PLATINCOIN have made a real breakthrough and implemented a way of mining coins right on the smartphone!

This became possible due to MINTINGA blockchain technology and the successful combination of our two products: PLC Farm and Power Minter.

Let’s take a closer look to each one:

МINTING is the process of mining new coins on the blockchain. By and large, this is an automatic smart contract to block a certain amount of cryptocurrency and receive a reward for it.

PLC FARM is a mobile application for blocking and holding coins. The more coins you hold on the farm purse, the higher the reward. The farm has a 10-year operating life. The size of the extraction is about 30% a year from the blocked coins on the farm's purse.

Power Minter — is a digital certificate that allows the farm to access the minting of coins. As the number of coins for extraction and the number of users who can extract new coins are strictly limited, the digital certificate is paid. The number of coins available for blocking on the farm depends on the Power Minter category.

Now let's look at how new coins are mined:

  • To start minting, you need to download and install two free applications: PLC Farm (a holding farm) and PLC Wallet (a wallet for new coins).

  • After free registration and payment of a digital certificate (Power Minter) suitable for you, a certain number of coins should be blocked on the farm wallet. More precisely, you have to fill the farm with coins and press the minting button. That’s all. Blockchain technology will do the rest for you.
  • Once you start minting on the farm, 2,5% of the blocked coins will be paid in equal amounts every month to your main wallet in the PLC Wallet app!

You can easily spend, transfer or keep holding the minted coins. Other operations can also be carried out quickly and safely. The user is the sole owner of their coins.

Our technology has already realized the dream of hundreds of thousands of people for passive income on the blockchain. But remember that the safety of your wallets requires as much of your attention as the safety of a real wallet. It is the user who is responsible for storing the keys to access coins. To use our technology safely, be sure to read the instructions on how to secure funds on the farm and the e-wallet.