In this article, we will talk about the Instant Minting Unit. This is a unique technology that allows you to mint PLC coins here and now. It is a new generation of product that works on the blockchain!

Today, the Instant Minting Unit is the fastest and easiest way to mint new coins into your wallet! In addition to the instant minting of new coins, the Instant Minting Unit makes our blockchain even more stable and secure.

INSTANT MINTING UNIT is entrusted with the task of increasing the speed and security of transactions, as well as ensuring individual minting and the functioning of the entire system in general. 

What’s so special about the product is that after activating the Unit, it allows the owner to mine coins in the shortest possible time!

Now let’s take a closer look at how this system works. There are 16 Instant Minting Units in total. Their cost varies from 10 euros to one million euros. The minimum 10-euro Unit allows you to mine 2 PLC, and the maximum Unit enables you to mine 200 000 PLC!

After paying for any of them, you need to activate the Unit. It’s very easy! In your personal account, click "Activate a paid Unit" and use the PLC Wallet application to conclude a smart contract. After entering into the contract, coins are minted directly into your wallet. You can use these coins however you want! For example, you can freeze them in your farm or support a project on the Platin Hero platform.

As I said earlier, the Instant Minting Unit operates entirely on the blockchain. To mint new coins, the blockchain first needs to withdraw the same or a larger amount of coins from the free market and freeze them under a smart contract for 10 years with minting 10% new Coins per year.

After 10 years, the frozen coins no longer enter the system and are automatically burned. As you can see, the Instant Minting Unit’s work process takes place exclusively on blockchain technology and is as transparent as possible.