«Everyone will be on internet except of some stubborns».
Esther Dyson

How far the love to adventures can take you? No one knows more about that than Esther Dyson. American entrepreneur, investor, writer and publicist is member of board of Yandex and is founder of several IT-startups, official understudy of spaceflight participants and a volunteer for the program of human genome research. Do you want to learn more about the lady with such untypical interests? Great, our work was worth it.

Adventures of IT-lady Esther Dyson

Values of Dyson family

Exact sciences and high technologies even today remain a men territory. And in the middle of the 20th century women who chose the career in that areas called for astonishment.

Freeman Dyson, a nuclear physicist from Great Britain, moved to USA in 1957 and became one of the participants of ambitious research in Princeton. His wife, a mathematician Verena Huber-Dyson was born and grew up in Switzerland. Their children, Esther and George grew up in a family without prejudice and chauvinism, in the atmosphere of a great interest to sciences and technical novelties.

George dedicated himself to the history of digital technologies. But Esther could not find her calling. So she started to build three careers. And her choice was depending from where she could find more adventures.

Adventures of IT-lady Esther Dyson

Trying to find herself

With a degree of economics of Harvard university Esther Dyson became an editor and reporter with Forbes and also started to work as an IT-analyst. She cooperated with several research companies on Wall-Street and was increasingly showing interest in high-tech companies.

Successful investors recommended each other a stock market analyst called Esther Dyson. Professional connections helped her out to become an authoritative expert and in the beginning of 80s Esther had in her portfolio marketing plans of computer companies and startups.

Since 1982 Dyson started to cooperate with Rosen research company. After a while she bought out the shares of the company and changed the company name to EDventure Holding, played with the word “adventure” and own initials.

At this moment Esther already understood her adventures will take place in computer and IT-playgrounds and she will initiate them by herself playing a role of business lady and business angel, investor and analyst, expert and publicist.

Adventures in Eastern Europe

«IT has a great potential to improve the quality of healthcare. I involve experts to my healthcare projects, support different health institutions”.

Till the end of 80s all expectations for computer business in USA came true. It was still lucrative and promising, but already too predictable. No adventures were expected.

At the same time great changes took place in Eastern Europe: the collapse of the USSR, the fall of the Berlin wall, private capital came there where only state socialist property was previously accepted. This world was changing rapidly, it offered new opportunities, new markets and new adventures.

1998 Esther went on journey, visited Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia. In every country she participated in new market and hi-tech companies openings.

She became an investor and member of the board of Russian “TerraLink”, czech NetBeans, and a serie of companies in Kazakhstan.

Over time she sharpened the range of her business interests. Since 2005 she is paying more attention to developments related to high technologies in medicine and space research. So she started to invest in companies like MEDESK, XCOR, Constellation Services, Zero-G, ICon Aircraft, Space Adventures, VitaPortal and 23andMe. The last company in that list is a startup founded by the wife of IT-entrepreneur Sergey Brin. 23andMe researches human genome.

In 2009 Esther Dyson became a part of a working group developing a complex for promotion of development and research in Russia.

In addition to her mother language English Esther speaks Russian, German and French. It helps her build business in those part of the world where she sees outlook for new adventures.

Adventures of IT-lady Esther Dyson

Adventures on Internet

«Keep in mind: Internet is not a new form of life, it’s simply a new activity”.
From interview with Esther Dyson

Already in 1986 Esther Dyson became the editor in chief of the Release 1.0 magazine. Its articles are about new technologies, developing markets with internet became the major of them.

Analyst and publicist experience helped Dyson summarize her broad knowledge in a book she published 1997 with a name Release 2.0: A design for living in the digital age. It is a serious study of how the web presence change or everyday life, solve old issues and create new ones.

Deep analytical work made Esther Dyson one of the leading experts in the area which scale no one was able to predict at that time. Being a person of broad views Dyson predicted that the majority of internet issues will be solved by self-regulating and self-managing communities. And only now two decades after this idea is becoming obvious to a mass user of internet.

Space and new adventures

The New York Times called Esther the most powerful women in the area of information technologies. But she says no one can surpass Bill Gates. They are friends by the way.

Today any of us is using or will be using soon technologies of virtual and augmented reality, internet of things and telemedicine. Can you make your life even more wonderful? It is not that complicated for professional adventurer like Esther Dyson.

In 2005 she founded a flight school in Colorado. It is a forum for businessmen who are ready to participate in aircraft development and space research. And Esther Dyson is definitely ready to invest money and time in space research.

On the 7th October 2008 the company Space Adventures has announced on its website the new status of Esther. Now she is an official understudy of the space traveller Charles Simony. Training for the space flight in Russian Star City costed her 3 million dollars.

The flight is being postponed now because Esther is planning to go to Mars. But as she is planning to live up to 120 years old she has all the chances to make her plan comes true. That means the major adventure is waiting for her.