The hero of today’s interview is our Black Diamond partner Vinod Swami. He was one of the first Indian partners to join PLATINCOIN. Today, his structure counts more than 30 000 partners, and he’s just getting started. In this interview, he shared his PLATINCOIN journey and talked about his plans for the future.

How and when did you join PLATINCOIN?

I remember that day well! It happened on August 19, 2017. Back then, I was living in Uttar Pradesh, India, and I still live here today. I think that PLATINCOIN was sent to me by God! 

I initially planned on purchasing the ATC coin, I already had 300 000 rupees ready to invest, but it was like God himself wanted me to buy PLC, thus giving me a chance to improve the well-being of the entire Indian community at large!

At the first PLATINCOIN meeting, I learned about the company’s plans from my future mentor, Yash Hake. I carefully listened to him from beginning to end, I reviewed all the packages, proposals, and technologies offered by PLATINCOIN. I had to choose one of three existing concepts: Netsurf, ATC, and PLC. This large number of choices stumped me. I was lost, I didn’t know what to choose, so I decided to leave my fate in God’s hands. I asked a friend to write the name of each company on a separate sheet of paper and place them into 3 different bags. So the decision was up to chance: I picked one of the bags at random, and it happened to contain the page with PLATINCOIN. That’s how I knew that PLATINCOIN was no less than a gift from the heavens. This realization filled me with energy, confidence, enthusiasm, and made me understand my goals, my mission. As I later learned, PLATINCOIN was the best decision in my life.

How quickly did you reach your current rank?

Like many others, I was only a Diamond during my first month. But PLATINCOIN offers explosive growth for its partners, which is why I became a Blue Diamond during my second month. I was a Green Diamond during my third month, and it only took another month to reach Purple Diamond. Today, I am a Black Diamond with more than 30 000 partners in my structure, with 200 among them with the rank of Diamond and above. And that’s only the beginning!

What is your primary goal at PLATINCOIN?

My team’s goal is to develop a structure in Asia and ensure that people across the globe find out about PLATINCOIN instruments for making money. But my most ambitious goal is to have more than 1000 Diamond partners in my structure. And I hope to reach this goal in 2021!

Do you have any previous experience working in network companies? What do you like about PLATINCOIN in particular? 

I’ve been working in the MLM industry for 22 years. In the past, I got a chance to collaborate with one major organization, but my performance wasn’t the best. The career growth was too slow, the earnings were too low… So I didn’t regret leaving that company to join PLATINCOIN. This project has some of the best rates of return in the market, and that’s amazing! I believe this is the best earning platform in the world, because PLATINCOIN offers incredible innovations and a variety of projects within its ecosystem: Platin Deal, Platin Hero, crowdfunding projects, Farms, and so on. There’s a wealth of opportunities – just grab them and go!

What was your greatest success at PLATINCOIN?

My greatest achievement is the fact that I managed to join this fast-growing company and that I was personally introduced to Alex Reinhardt, the best founder of PLATINCOIN. He’s a real visionary, an honest person who is holding up our entire community. I’ve never met such an experienced, brilliant strategist before. Alex inspires the desire to follow him, and yes, I will follow him until the end of my days!

Are you proud of your team?

Pride is an understatement! I adore my team! And here, I’d like to publicly promise my dynamic team that I will be with you forever – together, we will reach 1000 partners with the Diamond rank and above. Together, we can make all our dreams come true and achieve financial freedom without any limitations. The key is never to stop moving forward, to keep planning, putting in all your time and energy, working together, working hard. Stay true to your goals, work together, with dedication, honesty, and decisiveness. For PLATINCOIN and for us, the best is yet to come!