The star of today’s interview is our Diamond partner, Eniko Gupta. She shared her story of joining the company, her plans for the future, the vision for her team and some funny moments she’s experienced. 

Tell us a little about yourself and how you joined PLATINCOIN. How and when did this happen?

I want to start by saying that I work at PLATINCOIN together with my friend and partner, so we share all our achievements in the company. I wouldn't have succeeded alone. We are from Hungary and the UK, and we travel around the world and support our international team. We joined PLATINCOIN quite recently, in July 2021, so our current rank is Diamond. However, I want to point out that we achieved this in just 6 weeks thanks to our joint efforts.

Why did you choose PLATINCOIN? 

We were inspired by the opportunity to work with a network marketing company in the blockchain technology field. Additionally, Alex Reinhardt's excellent reputation and PLATINCOIN's impressive five-year track record proved that this was the right choice.

What did you gain from working with the company?

We gained a lot! In an incredibly short time, PLATINCOIN gave us both support and training to complement our past experience. This helped us achieve our goals (for example, to become a Diamond) much faster than we expected. Thanks to this new knowledge, we’ve also easily optimized our work and now we can enjoy our lives, while also helping other people achieve their financial goals.

Who told you about the company and invited you to join?

We learned about PLATINCOIN from our friend, a network marketing entrepreneur.

You’ve already had past experience with MLM companies, right?

Yes, we have worked in network marketing for about 10 years. You could say we're full-time network marketers. We’re not interested in anything else anymore. This is our profession and our main source of income.

You probably have some frame of reference. What do you think is special about PLATINCOIN?

Here we can get unique support, which isn’t provided by every network company, even to its leaders and top managers. At PLATINCOIN, everyone is under supervision: both members with top ranks and beginners. The compensation plan is also very effective. We have never had to deal with such large benefits before. The company also offers training, which is important for those hoping to build a real career. PLATINCOIN provides all the necessary tools for self-development - just take them and use them!

How many people are in your team now? What are your goals for the future?

Today our team numbers about 350 people, but all of them are from absolutely different parts of the world. Coordinating such a team is incredible, even though it’s rather difficult. Of course, this is far from the limit! We definitely want to reach the top. Our main goal is to reach the Double Platin Diamond rank in 2 years. We always focus on the way forward. Success is all that we see ahead.

Share some pleasant or funny PLATINCOIN memories.

Unfortunately, we haven’t made too many memories during these 6 weeks. We visited the office in Berlin, which made an amazing impression on us. We are also looking forward to visiting the Dubai office this year. And as for funny memories... While visiting the Berlin office, we stopped by a local bar to meet with sales manager Dennis Loos. We watched a broadcast of European football, where England beat Germany. It was awkward, but funny - we were the only ones celebrating the victory of England, surrounded by many disappointed Germans.

Have you ever been disappointed in your job or in the company? 

No, this has never happened. No disappointments, because we don’t waste our time on empty hope – we act. We know that business is always changing and that success is only in our hands. If something doesn’t work out, it means that we made a mistake at some point, we didn’t work hard enough. Or maybe now is just not the time. Why get upset when you can fight?

What are you particularly proud of today? 

Of course, we’re proud of the fact that we have reached the Diamond rank. I’m pretty sure this was almost a record in terms of fast career growth! Few people have managed to achieve this in just a month and a half. Of course, we are also proud of the leaders in our team, their perseverance and the astonishing results they achieve. We have some great partners! 

Do you have competition in your team?

No! Only collaboration and support. We enjoy listening and learning from each other. We communicate a lot to be stronger together. Do you know the parable about twigs? You can break one, but you can never break a bunch of them together. And that means nobody can break us, either!