Today we interview our Diamond rank partner Sumit Srivastav from India. He explains how he joined PLATINCOIN and shares with us the challenges he and other partners faced in 2017.

How and when did you join PLATINCOIN?

Oh, it was four years ago, in 2017. Back then, PLATINCOIN was a very young project that hardly anyone knew. Personally, I first heard about it from my uncle and was immediately inspired - Alex's vision, ideas and infectious confidence led me to believe in PLATINCOIN once and for all!

I realized right away that I had a chance to become one of PLATINCOIN’s first partners not only in India, but also in the world, and being the first is always very honorable!

Did you already have any experience with networking companies by that time? Why did you choose PLATINCOIN?

I only had three months of experience in network marketing. But in spite of this, I know for a fact that PLATINCOIN was the best choice I have ever made. It is completely different from all other similar projects on the market today.

PLATINCOIN has its own economy and advanced infrastructure, so that is one of the major differences from any other project. Our work at PLATINCOIN can be compared with construction: we are building our own ecosystem together. It is absolutely unique and has already become a real source of passive income for hundreds of thousands of people.

What is your most ambitious goal in PLATINCOIN?

Perhaps my most ambitious goal is to build up a team that can create a turnover of one billion Euros for PLATINCOIN. I am gradually getting there and I am confident that it will happen one day.

What do you enjoy most about your work?

Thanks to PLATINCOIN I have gone through many major external and internal transformations. Since I joined the company, I have experienced many positive changes in my life, both moral and financial ones.

I have gained invaluable skills that have simplified not only my work, but also my everyday life. Not to mention the financial benefits and achievements - with PLATINCOIN I’ve visited over 14 countries and was able to buy my own BMW SUV when I was 20 years old.

What obstacles did you face? What was the most challenging experience?

The hardest part was in the beginning. The biggest problems were in 2017, when PLATINCOIN did not yet have its own infrastructure, exchange outlets, and terminals. At that time, it was all just in the plan, but there was the most important thing - the vision of how to become the first and the best. 


It must have been a difficult time, not only for me but for all the partners, but we’ve managed it together. It is never easy to give birth to something new! 

Who do you learn from? Who helps and inspires you?

I have learned a lot from the very difficulties I had to put up with in the beginning. But of course, even now, I am keen on continuous development. I'm constantly studying the life stories of different entrepreneurs who have achieved extraordinary success. I try to understand how they did it, how they managed to accumulate so much capital and become famous.

I am most motivated by Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and our leader Alex Reinhardt, of course.