The star of today’s interview is a Diamond partner from India, Yatin Chaudhari. He joined the company relatively recently, but has already achieved a lot. In this interview, he talked about his impressions, successes and work events that influenced him the most.

As far as I know, you joined PLATINCOIN rather recently. Tell us how it happened.

Yes, I only discovered the company in 2020. I was invited by my good friend and partner Mr. Kamlesh Wasawa. He totally fired me up to join the project, helped me understand blockchain and PLATINCOIN technologies. Because of him, I am now implementing a large and powerful platform that allows me to help people in the same way that he once helped me.

Why did you decide to join PLATINCOIN? What helped make the decision?

I liked the business concept that the company proposed, with the ability to make money while helping other people improve their quality of life. In India, as you know, many cannot afford to live their lives at the level of prosperity they dream of. And who doesn’t strive for complete financial independence? PLATINCOIN can give all of this to anyone. It takes due diligence and hard work, of course, but the benefits offered by the company are phenomenal. PLATINCOIN gave me a truly wonderful life, a lot of free time, and the opportunity to buy everything my family needs. And, of course, it also gave me security.

PLATINCOIN can be tricky for people with no prior experience in network marketing.

Perhaps, but I already had experience. I worked at other MLM companies for five years before I joined PLATINCOIN.

Then how is PLATINCOIN different from other projects you have worked with before?

Transparency. I swear I've never worked with a more transparent and understandable company than this! Our CEO Alex Reinhardt is also an amazing person. He is very inspiring for me and my team. It’s hard to find a company with a famous leader who is so close to the common people! 

What is your biggest goal at PLATINCOIN?

My biggest goal at the moment is to become a Double Platin Diamond. And I also hope that I will never leave such a wonderful company as PLATINCOIN! And that I can continue developing within the company for many more years. Can this be considered a goal?

How many people are in your structure now?

There are 399 people in my structure today. This might not be much compared to other networks, but everything is ahead! I'm very happy, anyway.

Is there someone on your team that you are particularly proud of?

Believe me, I am proud of all the members of the VYARA PLC team. Without their support, I would never have achieved such amazing success. Thank you absolutely everyone!

Have you already received concrete results from working with PLATINCOIN? Let's say you bought something that you couldn’t afford before ... Show off!

Yes, of course, I got my first results a long time ago. A few weeks after I started working with PLATINCOIN, I was able to buy a Jeep Compass! I also bought my own house, and now I’m running a successful business... In short, I have a really wonderful life. After all, PLATINCOIN gave me something that no company had given me before - real, big money.

What was the most difficult part for you in your work?

The beginning. My family was seriously affected by the coronavirus pandemic, we were in a difficult financial situation. PLATINCOIN became a lifeline, but when I just started, I had to work really hard.

Have you already attended PLATINCOIN events? What do you remember the most?

Meeting the incredible Alex Reinhardt! It happened in Dubai, where the company rented an incredible yacht for all the partners. I dreamed about this for a very long time, so one of my dreams has definitely come true. It was a moment of pride - being able to stand face to face with Alex Reinhardt! I also remember the moment when I reached the Diamond rank, and Mr. Tarun Raval and Mr. Yash Hayk gave me a special prize. It was so nice to see that my efforts were appreciated!

And what about the competition and exchange of experience in the company?

PLATINCOIN rewards everyone for their hard work, so we have no concept of competition. We are all colleagues, partners and friends. The exchange of experience is an important component of success in any business, and it’s well established in the company. That’s why everyone is jealous of us!