Today’s guest is Elie Michel Guerrero from Mexico, and while he has joined PLATINCOIN quite recently, he has already achieved great success. In the short time since February 1, 2020, he has already reached the Blue Diamond rank, with over 1000 people registered in his structure!

Elie Michel Guerrero has no plans of resting on his laurels, and he intends to reach the Double Platin Diamond rank in record time. In this interview, you will find out why he had doubts for a long time before joining PLATINCOIN, and which eight factors ultimately convinced him to join.   

What in particular drew you to PLATINCOIN?

Before getting 100% involved in the work, I spent a long time watching the project – at first, I only invested my money and kept track of the company and its products. Naturally, I was seriously skeptical at first, as the project was focused on an industry that was unfamiliar to me. But as time went by and I learned more about Alex’s work and his team, as I saw their commitment to fulfilling all their promises, I became convinced that PLATINCOIN is more than just a cryptocurrency, it’s a large company with a humanitarian mission with the potential to transform the entire world!

How did you learn about PLATINCOIN?

I was invited by my good friend Victor Duran, whom I greatly respect and admire. I’d like to especially highlight the great patience with which he awaited my decision for an entire year!

Do you have any prior experience in network business?

I have 32 years of experience in various network companies under my belt. However, not all experiences were successful – the last two companies I was involved in had failed. As a result, at the age of 60, I’ve grown tired of constantly searching for an opportunity to make real money. 

How is PLATINCOIN different from the projects that you worked on in the past?

I’ll give you six factors that were especially important to me when choosing PLATINCOIN: seriousness, honesty, integrity, treatment of people, technology, prospects of long-term growth.

PLATINCOIN gave me and my partners the opportunity to develop peace of mind and confidence in my future finances, confidence in quickly achieving financial freedom in the near future, and an excellent ratio between efforts and results.

What is your primary goal at PLATINCOIN?

I have two goals – personal and global. My personal goal is to reach the Double Platin Diamond rank in record time, and my global goal is to improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Latin America and around the globe. 

What is your greatest success at PLATINCOIN, and what was the most difficult aspect for you?

I’d say that my greatest success is the fact that my team has become one big PLATINCOIN family. I’m proud of myself for bringing together an enormous network of partners from across Latin America in such a short time.

The most difficult part was convincing people that PLATINCOIN is not another fraudulent company – unfortunately, this is the case for 98% of MLM companies working with cryptocurrencies.

Did you ever think of giving up and quitting?

No, never. I think this is mostly because PLATINCOIN leaders always listen to their partners and quickly resolve any emerging issues. 

What are you proud of?

I’m proud to be a part of this global story. I’m happy to see that my passion and love that I bring into my work are helping PLATINCOIN on the journey to become number 1 in the world of cryptocurrencies!

Are you a competitive person? Does this help or hinder your work?

I try to avoid competition, and I never compare myself to anyone else. Instead, I always try to give 100% and I aim to offer a high level of productivity, constant and consecutive commitment to self-improvement, while serving others with sincere love for them.

But I should also mention that sometimes someone else’s experience helps me to achieve greater results – it’s helpful to see what other people do better and learn from them in order to become even more effective.