The hero of today’s interview is a Green Diamond partner from Cameroon, Neba Godwill Awantu. He shared his achievements at the company, how he started his career at PLATINCOIN, and which difficulties he encountered along the way.

When did you join PLATINCOIN? Why did you choose this company?

I became a PLATINCOIN partner back in 2019, and I even remember the date - March 13. At that time, I already had a lot of experience on the crypto market, but almost every project had failed. Along with Roland, my leader, we had known about PLATINCOIN since it was founded (in 2016), but neither of us had taken the company seriously at that time. Only later, when PLATINCOIN had introduced its POS terminals, Secure Boxes, and vending machines, did we decide to take a closer look. And I’m glad we did!

We were also inspired by the company’s business model. The price of PLC keeps growing because of the stable ‘ladder’ growth model, which is entirely different from the volatile model at the core of over 95% of all cryptocurrencies. So I chose PLATINCOIN for the company’s reliability and promise of future growth. What more could I ask for?

What did you gain from working with the company, in addition to your earnings?

First of all, PLATINCOIN gave me plenty of new knowledge. I realized that most people aren’t aware of the wealth of opportunities offered by cryptocurrencies. And there are different ways to use these opportunities. For instance, blockchain technology is used everywhere today. We should look beyond Bitcoin and Ethereum. Thanks to PLATINCOIN, I have gained a deeper understanding of how cryptocurrencies work. And this has solidified my belief that PLC is the best choice on the crypto market.

Is there anything else that you appreciate at PLATINCOIN, beyond knowledge? Something that changed your life? 

Of course! There are many things, the list is endless. At PLATINCOIN, I’ve met many new people who share my values, passions, and interests. I can talk to them candidly about the crypto business, and I can always count on their support. PLATINCOIN is a team. Honestly, it took me a while to learn to work as a team member, but the company has helped me to develop this skill. I managed to create my own system that increased my income, while also allowing me to earn a passive income. Now, I can do what I want, when I want, and I am my own boss.

How many partners are currently in your team?

Today, there are more than 10 000 talented and determined people in my team. Naturally, I couldn’t have achieved this result without the support of my leaders – we built this structure together.

Do you have any difficulties managing such a large number of people?

Oh, yes. It takes a lot of patience, discipline, and hard work. Managing a team is difficult, especially in the beginning. After all, everyone is different, and network marketers must learn to deal with different personalities, mentalities, and temperaments. 

Some people joined our team seeking ‘fast cash’, while others were prepared to wait to achieve impressive results. Some were dissatisfied by the fast pace of our work, while others thought we were moving too slowly… You can imagine the difficulties of uniting people with these opposing views, goals, and pace of work! Nevertheless, with Roland’s support, I managed to achieve it, and it made me stronger and more resilient.

Were there any particularly memorable moments at PLATINCOIN? Maybe some conferences or events…

Meeting Alex Reinhardt, the CEO of PLATINCOIN, was extremely memorable. He’s one of the top 10 most influential figures in the crypto market, and meeting him in person was a great honor! I still remember our handshakes, conversations, and discussions. Meeting him solidified my belief in the company. I personally witnessed Alex’s practical approach, and I can confidently say that we’re lucky that he is the leader of the company. Alex is one of the most advanced cryptocurrency experts I have ever met. I hope our paths cross again in the future.

What advice would you give to newcomers or people who are still not sure if they want to join PLATINCOIN?

To those who still have their doubts about PLATINCOIN: it’s time to take a giant step that will transform your life and your reality! Don’t be afraid of anything: PLATINCOIN isn’t your average company, that makes promises without fulfilling them. PLATINCOIN is a highly responsible organization focused on the development of their company and their employees. It’s a rare pearl in the business, especially in the crypto business. PLC offers incredible physical products, while cutting-edge innovations guarantee a high level of security when working with them. Today, it’s relatively easy to join PLATINCOIN - simply buy a pack… But will it be as easy in the future, when the price of PLC will grow exponentially? Remember Bitcoin: the winners were those who weren’t afraid to take a risk and buy the cryptocurrency. Today, PLATINCOIN has plenty of room for everyone, so take advantage of this opportunity! Join us while you still can and transform your life, just like me. Don’t forget the company’s slogan: The time is now! This is really the best time to act!