The main goal of PLATINCOIN is to give people an opportunity to build a passive income and achieve personal growth. Our large team works hard to constantly create new products and technologies that will boost our partners’ incomes. But PLATINCOIN is more than an instrument for growing your income – it’s also an enormous community, where anyone can achieve personal growth, find new friends, and travel to different countries. With today’s article, we’re launching our new section ‘Interviews with partners’, where our top leaders will share the experience working with PLATINCOIN.

The PLATINCOIN editorial team had a conversation with our Red Diamond partner, Irina Pulle. Irina shared her experience of joining the company, which achievements she is most proud of, and which difficulties she encountered when moving towards her first success. 

What year did you join PLATINCOIN? How did you join? 

It all started in May 2017, when Alex invited me to join a presentation for his new company in Berlin. Essentially, I’ve been working with PLATINCOIN since the company was founded. I currently have the Red Diamond rank, and I’m only 1.5 million away from my next major goal. 

What attracted you to PLATINCOIN?

First of all, it was Alex himself – especially his reliability. We met before the PLATINCOIN project was launched, so we were already acquainted by then. He instantly proved himself as a reliable and serious young man. Another important factor for my decision was the fact that Alex speaks Russian. I was born in Russia, and Russian is my native language.

Anyway, it turned out that as soon as I attended Alex’s event in Berlin, I made the decision to start working with PLATINCOIN at once.

Do you have any prior experience with network marketing? How is PLATINCOIN different from other projects you’ve worked for in the past? 

I’ve worked in network marketing since 2000. Before that, I collaborated with a food company called ‘Health product’. In this company, I developed the same skills needed to build a structure and manage a team which have helped me build my career at PLATINCOIN. I left that company because I eventually realized that the one product people always need, no matter where they are, is money. People want to lead better lives, they want to build their passive incomes, they want freedom.

When I heard about PLATINCOIN, I instantly understood that it’s the right choice for me! PLATINCOIN brings people money! Multiplying your investments, collaboration, growth from rank to rank – everything at this company helps people make money and increase the quality of their life. That’s what makes Alex’s project different from all others. Thanks to him, anyone can afford to buy a ‘Health product’ and other high-quality products, gain financial independence, and complete freedom. By the way, many people in my team managed to leave their tiring day jobs thanks to PLATINCOIN, and they now live entirely thanks to earnings from our business.

What is your most significant success with PLATINCOIN?

I’m most proud of the fact that there are currently 14 130 people in my structure. I’ve managed to achieve this result in just three years. Sure, there’s still room for improvement, so I’m never going to stop getting ahead.

I’m also proud of the fact that I’ve finally achieved absolute financial freedom and I can afford many things I could’ve only dreamed of when I was working at ‘Health product’. My most significant success at PLATINCOIN is reaching the Red Diamond rank. I never thought I’d reach this rank so soon! I reached it last year, in October 2019. Can you imagine the rate at which you can climb the career ladder at this company? It’s phenomenal!

What was the most difficult aspect for you?

The most difficult aspect was the beginning. It was difficult to start working with people, because I had to develop my communication skills, change my beliefs, learn to work in a team. Any career in network marketing starts by inviting people to join your structure. The only resource you can use is your personal belief in the cause. That’s it. Many people give up at this stage, because not everyone can work with enthusiasm alone. Today, it’s much easier for people to join PLATINCOIN, there’s a different system for joining.

What else can you say about the company?

I’ve spent my entire life looking for something like PLATINCOIN, which is why my team is called Eureka, which means ‘discovery’ in Greek. This company completely satisfies all my requirements, dreams, and goals, which is why I am 200% confident in its success and I’m not afraid of inspiring others to follow in my footsteps.