PLATINCOIN partners live in 120 countries around the globe, from Europe to Africa. The hero of today’s interview is our Nigerian Purple Diamond partner, Favor Sunano. He pioneered PLATINCOIN in Africa. Today, he has over 15 000 people in his structure. In this interview, Favor shared his reasons for believing in PLATINCOIN, explaining what it was like to be the first in his region, and which global goals he is hoping to achieve in the future.

When did your story with PLATINCOIN begin? 

I joined the project in May 2017, and I became a PLATINCOIN pioneer in Africa. My current rank is Purple Diamond, and I have over 15 000 partners in my structure. Why did I decide to work with this project? PLATINCOIN brought together three crucial factors: a unique project, a set of innovative technologies implemented in the project, and the identities of its creators. 

How did you find out about PLATINCOIN?

This was God’s work! I’m serious. In January 2017 I prayed to God, asking him to introduce me to a cryptocurrency project that is destined for greatness. And in May 2017, God answered my prayers, when Lars Gutknecht (who was a stranger to me then) sent me Facebook materials about PLATINCOIN. The article was in German, and it took some efforts for me to translate it into English. But it was worth it! My heart told me that this was the answer to all my prayers.

I instantly got in touch with Lars, but we were unable to talk due to our language barrier. He shared the contacts of Bea Menge, a PLATINCOIN partner who was a rank above Lars. As a result, Bea became my mentor during the early stages, answering all my questions and teaching me to work with products, and also explaining the proper way to build my team. In many ways, she is the reason behind the high popularity of PLATINCOIN in Africa today.

Did you have any experience with network marketing at that point? 

Yes, I did. From 2013 to 2015 I worked for a travel company, and this experience served as an excellent foundation for my growth with PLATINCOIN. I learned to recruit people into my team, while also studying the basics of marketing and promotion. From 2015 to 2016 I worked in the cryptocurrency market and made a fortune in this field. But at some point, the situation took a turn for the worse. This continued until I learned about PLATINCOIN in 2017.

What sets PLATINCOIN apart from other projects you’ve worked with in the past?

For me, PLATINCOIN became a real gift from fate. I understood that I had to work at full force to achieve success in network marketing. That’s why I scaled back my work in other directions and completely focused on PLATINCOIN in 2018. Unlike the projects I had worked with in the past, PLATINCOIN has a unique management team! The project team is made up of honest, hard-working people with infinite drive, and PLATINCOIN CEO Alex Reinhardt is a true pioneer creating a new path which others will follow in the future.

Another key distinction of PLATINCOIN is that the project offers real opportunities to make money and achieve career growth. For me, it’s particularly important to know that PLATINCOIN is an international project that offers equal earning opportunities to Africans. I think that PLATINCOIN is a real tool for redistributing wealth.

Another crucial factor is the range of innovative PLATINCOIN products that improve the lives of many people.

PLATINCOIN is also an excellent place to make new friends.

What is your main goal with PLATINCOIN?

My ultimate goal is to save millions of Africans from poverty by using PLATINCOIN products and instruments. I’m ready to go the extra mile to achieve this! I currently have more than 15 000 people in my structure, but that’s still not enough to make a significant impact on the financial well-being of the population of Africa. So I will continue to share information about this project so that as many people as possible can find out about the excellent opportunities offered by PLATINCOIN!

What do you consider to be your most significant achievement with PLATINCOIN?

I have earned the respect of my team, my friends, and my community. I’ve gained global recognition, while also becoming financially independent and more responsible. Building, educating, and leading a large structure of people has put my resilience to the test. 

I’m also incredibly happy to have met so many great people from all around the globe, all thanks to PLATINCOIN. And being able to personally meet Alex Reinhardt was the most phenomenal thing that has ever happened to me! PLATINCOIN is the Apple among cryptocurrencies! So meeting Alex was like meeting Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk. This meeting means that I’m also a great person.

What was the most difficult aspect of working with the company? 

When I first joined PLATINCOIN, everybody laughed at me: friends, family members, even my neighbors. Additionally, many members of my previous team refused to continue collaborating with me. They thought that PLATINCOIN was just another scam that I was trying to pull them into. I was all alone, but I kept moving forward. I didn’t know if I would achieve success, if I’d be able to prove myself, if anyone would join me in the future to carry the project forward. Luckily, everything turned out well in the end, and all my dreams are coming true: as I continue to grow together with my team, PLATINCOIN grows with us.