The hero in today’s interview is Thomas Englert from Germany. Thomas was one of the first partners to join PLATINCOIn back in 2017, and he has now reached the Red Diamond rank. There are around 25 000 people in his team, and Thomas dreams of gaining absolute financial freedom – and of course, reaching the Double Platinum Diamond rank.

How and when did you join PLATINCOIN?

I joined PLATINCOIN in 2017. At the time, the project was still in its inception, and I was one of the first people invited by Alex Reinhardt to the presentation. I went to this meeting without knowing a single thing, not even the title of the project – all the information was kept secret. After learning about Alex’s projects and partners, I instantly agreed to join PLATINCOIN, and I’ve never regretted my decision since then.

Did you have any experience working in the field of network marketing before joining PLATINCOIN? 

Yes, I already had experience with network marketing, although I had previously worked almost exclusively in the finance industry. I managed direct sales and even launched a few of my own companies. 

The decision to start working with network marketing became a sort of challenge for me. I was interested to see if I would be able to grow in the field of direct sales. And guess what, I was!

Why did you accept Alex’s offer without any doubts? What sets PLATINCOIN apart from other projects? 

At the presentation, I immediately noticed that PLATINCOIN was different from any other projects I had previously worked with. 

First of all, PLATINCOIN has a global mission: improving the well-being for all of humanity. I’ve never seen another mission whose impact was so global – or so important.

Secondly, the project is more lucrative, with more opportunities for earning money. Money is the one thing that people always need. It’s the best, most universal product, which means that demand will never disappear.

These are the key differences that set PLATINCOIN apart from other projects.

What are your current personal goals? 

My goal is to reach the Black Diamond rank within the next 2-3 months. In the long-term, naturally, I’d like to reach Double Platinum Diamond. I need to achieve this rank to gain financial independence, to raise the price of the coin to 1000, to make my team even happier and even more successful. By the way, there are currently around 25 000 people in my team. That’s what statistics show, anyway. If you ask me, that’s an excellent start!

What have you gained with PLATINCOIN? Which achievements are you proud of?

With several hundred thousand coins and an additional income of several hundred thousand euros, I’ve gained a certain level of financial freedom. What’s more, I’ve found many new friends and business partners, while also learning a lot about the most disruptive technology of the 21st century – cryptocurrencies.

My greatest success came when I reached the Red Diamond rank. Another significant event that impacted not just me, but the community at large, was the growth of the price of the coin from 10 cents to 5 euros in March 2018.

What was the most difficult aspect of working with PLATINCOIN?

Sometimes, we encounter negativity in media publications, but that’s absolutely normal for new products and technologies, because people are often afraid of new things. With time, they’ll understand that they were wrong.

I think the most difficult aspect of this job is selling things that don’t exist yet, when the product or technology is still at the stage of development. Many people prefer to buy finished products, and it’s often difficult to convince people to invest in their future. But I’m happy to see more people who understand this fact, and as a result they stay with us to form long-lasting relationships!

It’s important to acknowledge that everything comes with time. People gradually get used to our approach, and ultimately decide to stay with us for long.