My name is Gordhan Ram Choudhary and I was born and raised in India. I have been with PLATINCOIN for almost two years, I joined the company on September 17, 2019. My acquaintance and current senior partner Tarun Raval was the one who told me about the project.

In his opinion, PLATINCOIN was worthy of the closest attention, and his work in the company brought him great pleasure. Naturally, I became interested in this opportunity, so I joined the company and never regretted it. Today, I’m a Blue Diamond, and my team is expanding with every day, which allows us to move forward non-stop.

One of my most unforgettable memories associated with PLATINCOIN was the company's event in Dubai. It was both educational and fun at the same time, and I managed to build a network with leaders from different countries. That’s when I realized that I still have room to grow, and there are many things I need to learn to achieve the standard of living that I dream of, so I can travel to different countries and earn good money. I am confident that I will have something to tell my partners at the next event!