From paper to computers…

You cannot write a lot on stones, and it’s not convenient to carry them in a pocket. Wooden planks need a lot of space. Leather is good but too expensive. Paper is the best!

Many centuries paper documents, letters and books was used by people. Before computers, smartphones, e-books and tablets showed up. Almost all interesting books are now available in a digital form. It’s convenient and takes much less space. You can put a whole state library in a small box. But something is wrong again: it is heavy to carry and bad for your eyes.

…back to the paper!

First showed up electronic books with electronic tints. They look just like books, are better for the eyes and look nicer and call for nostalgy. But now there is a paper tablet available!

You might throw away paper appointment books and organizers, notice books and block notes. How do you live without them and how make your plans for a day, a week, a year? Different tablets, smartphones can help you here, but there are not only Google Docs or Microsoft Office there, but also several entertainment distracting applications. You launched your tablet to check your daily plans and got stuck for two hours on Twittwer. And in the end of the day you understand you did not manage to make all your plans happen. Are you familiar with that?

The developers of the new tablet with electronic tints called reMarkable Paper Tablet tried to approach exactly this problem.

Totally different tablet

On the outside reMarkable reminds electronic books and tablets Amazon Kindle. A screen with electronic tints and a diagonal of 10,3 inches, white corp with rubberized back allowing to hold it more comfortable or put it on a table.

Home screen is easy and pragmatic enough: there are folder icons, icons for your notice books, documents and electronic books in ePub format. You just need to touch an exact icon of a notice book in order to start painting something or just to check your to-do-list.

The main benefit of reMarkable against other tablets its creators see in its idea: you need this tablet to make notices! There are:

  • Different types of paper sheets: blanc, lined, plaid
  • The opportunity to make notices and tags in the documents by hand.
  • Painting just like in an album.

In other words the developers tried to fully follow the idea of the paper, but no single tree was harmed.

How do you write in a tablet

Moleskine needs a pen, paper tablet needs a stylus. Wacom company developing graphic tablets for professional painters created a special stylus for reMarkable. It does not have batteries but needs to be recharged accordingly.

New devices from advanced technology pioneers do not impress anymore: it is the same design, same principles, stuffing might be more powerful and has couple of additional functions. And the paper tablet looks very nostalgic, really new and inspiring.

What users will say?

With all the advantages of reMarkable it is still not clear yet, whether it will be a stand-in for existing tablets. Or a substitution. Everyone carries his tablet in a bag, because it is more convenient than to carry a heavy laptop. But if we will be ready to carry to tablets?

Let’s take a look to the future of this interesting device. Maybe the developers would like to take over the market of traditional tablets and next generations of reMarkable will be useful both for the ones who want a notice book and for those who need a tablet in a full sense.

Now only one is clear: reMarkable is really useful and pleasant for paper fans. It is aesthetically pleasant without any doubts. Some users already tried it and here is what they say:

«I always held myself for a paper fun. For the one who will buy paper book instead of electronic book. I was always making notes with a pen and paper. I really likes to use this tablet and i think it’s best use of electronic tints! I would only wish it could faster respond to my actions», — writes Avery Hartmans in her article for Business Insider.

«Lack of unnecessary functions like video services or games is the strongest suit of this tablet. It’s a great tool for painters and creative people. SIt is really impressive how you can work with details on this tablet!!» — Max Parker shared his experience on Trusted Reviews.

And what about you? Would you use the «paper tablet»?