The world is ready to meet a new iPhone in September 2017. And it is not just a new iPhone. Exact ten years passed since the release of the first iPhone model and now everybody is waiting for a breakthrough from Apple, a breakthrough worth the anniversary. It is not that easy to meet these expectations, only three years ago the creation of Steve Jobs was a trend setter, now everything is different. The competitors are snapping at the heels and sometimes are setting the rules and trends. Samsung is the first in the line, but the others are not lagging behind.

What Apple will go for an undoubted leadership? Analytics are asking exactly this question and nervously waiting for release.

What will be in the new iPhone: the most probable

Developers of the new iPhone are hardly trying to keep secret all details before a release. But most of the information becomes available the one or the other way. That’s why some of the facts are already known or estimated with high likelihood.

  • It is expected, iPhone 8 will be made available in three models of different size: with display 4,7 inches, 5,5 inches, 5,8 inches.
  • Five colors: black space, white, silver, gold, pinkey gold
  • Frontal display will be definitely solid, without Home button.
  • OLED-display — a display of new generation made with organic light-emitting diode.
  • 3D-camera with infrared module. Get ready for a squall of 3D-pictures on Instagram.
  • According to designs, the frontal display will have two cameras. This fact makes us assume that another awaited innovation will be realized in the device: face or iris scanner instead of fingerprint scanner. But actually what is the second camera for?
  • USB port Type-C, finally.
  • Digital pen Apple pencil, you can digitize your handwritten notes and pictures with.
  • Wireless charger. Yes! Finally! Ones are dreaming about 3D-avatar in the app, the others want a quick ID-detection, but there is no user in the world, who will not appreciate the possibility of wireless charge!

What else could be in new iPhone: trends and versions

What could be a breakthrough in a smartphone world? It could be a massive realization of one or several advanced ideas which already have technical solutions. These trends are well known but it is not easy to fulfill them.

One features need a long work on compatibility, another require production conversion and the third ones are too expensive. But even if we will not see them coming with iPhone 8, sooner or later they will show up, because the prototypes of these features already exist.

1. Frame-free model

Waiting for iPhone 8: one month till the new reality!

A corpus made from a ultra-hard glass with a frame-free display is a most awaited breakthrough on the smartphone market. If Apple will not make it happen, we will soon see a frame-free model from Samsung. Especially given that Samsung is providing Apple with OLED-displays allowing to realize that concept.

2. Flexible corpus

Waiting for iPhone 8: one month till the new reality!

A smartphone you can fold in half, roll it up or wrap around your wrist as a bracelet – would you turn down such an option? It looks fantastic but there is nothing impossible in such a model. An integral OLED-display can be so flexible. There is only one small problem. The battery and the entire hardware should be done from materials supporting the idea of flexible corpus.

3. Folding smartphone, aka tablett, aka laptop

Waiting for iPhone 8: one month till the new reality!

If a flexible corpus seems too strange for you, you might like the idea of folding one. The idea of a folding smartphone is not new. The trick is to make it thin enough. Such technologies are already being developed for Android + Windows. So why shall not Apple, a champion among thin models implement that idea in iPhone.

4. Round model

Waiting for iPhone 8: one month till the new reality!

Don’t you really want a round iPhone? But then you could have a smartphone you could carry not only in a handbag or in your pocket but also on your belt, und on your wrist like a watch, on your clothing like a badge!

No one offers a smartphone in a hamburger form. We are talking about a very thin metallic corpus with a port and loudspeakers are on the back side. And of course OLED-display should be supported and the apps there should be displayed not with clouds like on Apple Watch but with hyperlinks. The model is quite workable.

5. Augmented reality

Waiting for iPhone 8: one month till the new reality!

Ok, it might be too much. Maybe not this september but a bit later, for instance with iPhone 9 it will be supported. The technology of augmented reality (AR) collects and uses sensory data in order to provide user with more comfort and to give more accurate and detailed advices in any situation. The implementation of augmented reality on iPhone would look like that: Siri as a guide in physical space will detect objects and guide the user, as well as read his health status and emotions, advise, calm and support.

As it happens, a smartphone is essential in our life. You can leave you home without keys, sandwich or in slippers and nothing will happen. But if you forget your smartphone you will feel like a fish on the shelf. That’s why we expect exactly from smartphones more convenience, more functionality, more everything. Exactly through smartphones we meet the technologies of the future.

That means, flexible and round, glass and ceramic, with augmented reality and artificial intelligence, universal and more practical than we are used to, we will have them all and that will happen very soon. And what ideas will adopt Apple, we will see soon.