The PLATINCOIN development team continuously optimizes the Company’s products to make our applications as user-friendly as possible. Today we’re pleased to announce that in order to reset your Main Wallet and your Farm Wallet you don’t need to write to our Support team anymore – just take a few steps right in your dashboard. These are instructions detail how to reset your wallet in your PLATINCOIN dashboard. 

  1. Choose the Wallet section in your dashboard which is located in the left side menu:
    2. Select the wallet you want to reset. Note that you are able to see your Main and Farm Wallets here. After selecting the wallet you want, confirm your action. Please note that if the Farm Wallet is reset, it will no longer be possible to access it via the application, even if a private key and a transport PIN is available. Beware to transfer all your coins from the PLC Farm Wallet before reset, otherwise after the reset procedure you will lose access to all the coins stored in this Wallet.

    3. To complete the procedure, you’ll receive an email with a six-digit PIN code sent to your email address. Find the mail and copy the code:

    4. Enter the code and confirm the action:
    5. Finished! You’ve successfully reset your wallet:
    6. After resetting the wallet, you need to specify a new wallet in the corresponding application. When you are doing this, use the PLC Wallet application and select the section Setup PLC Farm. If you specify a new PLC Farm Wallet, use the PLC Farm app.