We are continuing to improve our products and network marketing instruments. Our latest update will give you access to your Public Profile, a digital business card where you can add your contact information, such as your contact phone numbers and popular messengers. Your friends will be able to use this page to register as part of your team, and potential partners will be able to attend daily live presentations from professional speakers at PLATINCOIN. All users who decide to register after watching the presentation will be automatically added to your first line. 

How to set up your Public Profile?

Instructions on creating and setting up your Public Profile, as well as finding your sponsor’s page, are described below.

1. Start by logging into your personal account page on platincoin.com and selecting the User Profile section. Simply click on your profile picture in the top right corner and select General.

2. Next, you will need to allow access to sharing your contact information on your Public Profile page:

3. After allowing access, you will see a profile details window. Add as much information as possible to this page, to allow potential partners to get in touch with you through different methods:

Important! In order to ensure that your data is displayed on your Public Page, don’t forget to click on Save in the bottom right corner. 

  1. Tiy can find the link to your Public Page, as well as the link to your sponsor’s page, in the My Team section. Start by entering the My Team section. The link to your Public Page is located in the window with your referral link. You can access your sponsor’s Public Page in the window with your contacts - simply click on Public profile page to get in touch with him or her.

You can already activate your Public Profile by clicking on this link: https://platincoin.com/en/profile/general . Share it with your active partners and newcomers to tell them about yourself and PLATINCOIN, invite them to live presentations from professional speakers. And remember: by doing more, you achieve your results faster! We wish you the best of luck in developing your teams, achieving new ranks and selling even more PLATINCOIN products! 

PLATINCOIN! The time is now!