The star of today’s interview is our Blue Diamond partner Bakhytkul Kulumbetova from Kazakhstan. Bakhytkul talked about the start of her journey with PLATINCOIN, how she feels about the company’s products and projects, and she also shared her tips for always aiming higher and reaching new heights.

Tell us your story of joining PLATINCOIN. How did it happen?

I’ve been with the company since 2017, I’ve worked there for more than four years, and that makes me immensely happy. I joined the company by accident, one might say it was a miracle. One of my acquaintances called me and said there was a project dealing with digital currencies and technologies where you could create a source of passive income. And as you know, there’s no such thing as too much money, especially since I need to support my large family. I quickly agreed, tried it and realized that I liked the company a lot. And finally, I started making good money!

Did you have any previous experience working with similar projects? 

Do you mean network marketing? Yes, I worked for a grocery company for three years, but there was no way of earning a regular income, let alone a passive one. For me, passive income is the most important difference between PLATINCOIN and all other companies. This was the only place where I could gain long-awaited financial freedom and amazing career opportunities.

What are your current goals with PLATINCOIN? 

My goal is to continue maintaining my financial freedom, earn enough so that my family doesn’t need anything. I also simply want to keep working – it brings me tremendous pleasure! I plan to show as many people as possible how PLATINCOIN technologies work, why this company is really worth their attention and trust. After all, when our community is larger, our development accelerates and we all win! And of course, my goal is to lead my team forward and reach all subsequent ranks. I have no doubt that someday I will achieve it!

Do you already have a big team?

That depends on your perspective. There are currently 637 partners in my team, including 39 people I’ve personally invited. 

Have you ever experienced any difficulties in your work?

No, I’ve never encountered any difficulties. I’ve always believed in what I do, in PLATINCOIN products and the company's success. This is probably why I easily get other people fired up with our ideas and quickly dive into new technologies, products, etc. I always like to develop new skills, and PLATINCOIN offers a wealth of knowledge! But learning is never difficult for me. Only interesting.

What was your most memorable day at PLATINCOIN?

The best day in my memory was when I reached the Blue Diamond rank, and the company gave me 21 blockchain places. I am very grateful to the company for such a generous gift!

Have you ever had any funny or amusing moments in your work?

Of course, there were plenty of them! But I can't remember right away. Most of the funny situations happened while I was motivating my team at work, when we were talking, joking, laughing together. We're more than partners, we're friends, so we always have a good time.

Have you ever been disappointed with the company? Or maybe you were dissatisfied with something?

I can't remember anything like that. I really love PLATINCOIN, with all my heart! I can't even imagine how it could somehow disappoint me. This has never happened and it never will. 

What motivates you to keep going and keep working? Do you have competition in your team?

Yes, of course, there is competition, not only in the team, but in the company in general. And that’s great! When I feel competitive, I know what I need to strive for. I am motivated by both competition and the trust between me and my partners. We may be competing on some levels, but we’re also building a huge team together, practically a whole new world. This is my main inspiration! I also get help from higher-level partners and, of course, educational webinars. Alex Reinhardt cares very much about our training and development, so there is never any stagnation at work.