The heroine of today’s interview is MR GANZORIG GANTUMUR (MS ARIUNAA ENKHEE) from Mongolia. This vibrant young woman currently has more than 3 600 people in her team, she’s raising four children, sponsoring municipal and national sports competitions, and inviting new partners to her team each day. In this interview with PLATINCOIN, she shared her plans and dreams, talked about her early disappointments and what makes her especially proud today.

What year did you come to PLATINCOIN? 

I joined Platincoin in November 2017, and I am still so grateful to the company to this day. At the time, I was in a very difficult financial situation. All the businesses I was involved in went bankrupt, and I accumulated a lot of debt. Instead of working for money, I've always wanted my money to work for me, and Platincoin gave me hope during this difficult time.

What country are you from? 

I am from Mongolia.

What is your current rank? 

My current rank is Purple Diamond.

What inspired you to join PLATINCOIN? 

I really liked the fact that Platincoin is not a volatile coin, but a fixed coin for ordinary people, which can be minted using a mobile phone, with very simple technologies. I also liked the policy, vision and goals of the company.

What opportunities did PLATINCOIN give you? 

Platincoin has given me many opportunities, such as exploring the world of cryptocurrency and participating in it, achieving financial freedom and helping others.

How did you hear about PLATINCOIN? 

My cousin first introduced me to Platincoin and advised me to learn more about it.

Did you have any previous experience in network marketing? 

I have never worked for a network marketing company.

How is PLATINCOIN different from other projects you have worked with before? 

Although I have no previous experience with such projects, I have compared Platincoin to other projects and exchanged ideas with people who have had experience in other network marketing companies. Unlike these companies, Platincoin doesn’t operate based on the principle of forced recruitment. Those who want to join can become partners voluntarily. Platincoin offers many benefits, such as ease of marketing, non-cancellable points and high bonuses.

What is your biggest goal at PLATINCOIN? 

Of course, I have many goals, for example, to reach the top of the rank in Platincoin, lead my team to success and create a charity fund to help others.

How many people are in your structure right now? 

My team currently has 3,600 members.

What did you gain from working with PLATINCOIN? 

First, I got a chance to meet and work with many wonderful people, and I’ve made many friends along the way. Secondly, as the mother of four beautiful children, I’ve gained an opportunity to provide for my children, and I no longer have to worry about their future. I am also proud of the success of all the members I have worked with and the big changes they have made in their lives.

What is your biggest success at PLATINCOIN?

I started working at Platincoin in 2017, but I wasn't very successful. In August 2020, my sponsor, Purple Diamond Altanchimeg Khurelnyamsuren, got in touch with me and I decided to start all over again. By then, I had reached the Diamond rank. Some people were very surprised by my decision. So in nine months, I became a Purple Diamond. We host online training sessions 2-3 times a day and make regular presentations in our office.

What was the hardest part for you? 

It was never difficult for me. Of course, success doesn’t come immediately. There are always obstacles, small and large. I never give up when I see an opportunity.

Tell us about some amusing or funny moments. Did you experience any disappointments?

It has been four years since I joined Platincoin. Since then, I’ve made many wonderful memories. In June 2018, Alex visited our country. All night, I prepared to meet him at the airport. But early in the morning, when I was about to go to the airport to meet Alex, the person who was supposed to pick me up didn’t arrive. I still remember this moment, and I regret missing my opportunity to meet him. 

I also remember the day my best partner and my brother, with the rank of Emerald, died of a serious illness, that was a difficult day. We’d made plans to achieve success and do many good deeds together. 

If so, how did you deal with them? 

I set a goal to fulfill the dream of my deceased brother, helping his team members achieve success with all my heart, and I work towards this goal every day. 

Tell us about your greatest achievement at PLATINCOIN. Who are you proud of in your teams? 

Earlier, I mentioned that becoming a member of Platincoin did not work as I wanted at first. In August 2020, I became the first Mongolian to reach the Purple Diamond rank in a very short period of just nine months. During this time, eight of my team members became Diamonds, and one became a Blue Diamond. My team also had the largest number of Winners Club members in the history of the company. In April 2021, my team ranked # 1 in terms of sales at Platincoin thanks to their hard work. We are very proud that we were able to reach many achievements in a very short period of time. I am proud of such leaders as:

Blue Diamond Ms Oyuntungalag Lunden

Diamond Khulan Ms Bayarbayasgalan

Diamond Ms Nomin-Erdene 

Diamond Ms Turuunaa Togtokh 

Diamond Mr Dalai Purevsuren

Diamond Ms Tsolmon Gantumur

Diamond Ms Baljmaa Bishindei 

Diamond Ms Sarantuya Damdinjav 

Diamond Ms Uuganchimeg Lkhagvajav

Emerald Mr Bayanmunkh Sharav 

Emerald Ms Anundari Tugsjargal

All of my team members are energetic, warm and very positive. Thanks again to Platincoin for bringing us together. My success is not just mine. This is the result of my team's hard work and the direct support of my sponsor, the wonderful Altanchimeg Khurelnyamsuren, and her leadership skills.

I am very grateful to Platincoin for the opportunity to personally contribute to the community from the income I earn working for Platincoin. A prime example of this:


  • Official sponsor of the "Hobby Ace" Club, Mongolian Women's Volleyball League;

  • Official Sponsor of Mr Odgerel Batkhishig, Mongolian national freestyle wrestler, National champion at NJCAA Division of United States of America, a member of the junior freestyle wrestling team of Mongolia in 2015-2016;


  • Donor for "Asral" NGO (Buddhist) and "Keeping Families Together" Project;